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What to Blog About: 4-Step Process to Finding Topics Readers Will Love

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Hey Blogging Fam!  In this post, I am going to answer the questions of what to blog about with a 4-step process to finding topics your readers will love!

What to Blog About, 4-Step Process to Finding Topics Your Readers Will Love! | Createandgo.coAt the end will be some creative ideas you may not have thought about.

Here’s the lightning quick summary: 

Write posts on the things your audience wants and needs.

Forgetting this as a professional blogger is like forgetting your shoes to the prom.

Even if the goal of your blog is to become a mega-internet famous #instagrammodel, you still need to produce content people actually want.

What’s the great thing?  The internetz will tell you these things if you ask it nicely enough and listen closely.

The 4-step formula below is in ORDER of the content you should be producing to create a thriving and engaged audience.  

What do I mean by thriving?

september 16 traffic for avocadu

20,000 unique visitors a day thriving (screenshot from our healthy living blog, Avocadu.com).

If you’re new to these parts, Avocadu.com is our health and fitness blog, and the standpoint from where we teach on this blog.  That’s right…

We didn’t start out making money online by teaching others how to make money online, and we don’t JUST blog about blogging.

Here’s the 4-step process to how we did it and how you can too:

What to Blog About: 4-Step Process to Finding Topics Your Readers Will LOVE

Step #1. What are people searching for in your industry? (70%+ of your content should be this)

I feel like there are a few defining factors that differentiate people who just have a blog and people who have an actual business.

And this is a BIG ONE.

People who just have a blog create content that they want to create, people who have a successful business behind the blog create the content others want to see.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t write about what you are passionate about, but you do have to align that with the interests of others!

Without a doubt in my mind, this is the #1 focus you should have in the beginning of building your blog.

Avocadu was built on the principle of creating the content people actually search for.

Here’s our step-by-step process to finding article topics on Pinterest (our preferred traffic engine for bloggers):

1. Go to Pinterest.
2. Type a Keyword into the top. In this example, we’re going to use the word “fitness.”
3. I like the word “challenge,” so I will select that as well.

pinterest search for what to blog about

4. I see both “beginner” and “for beginners” in the top searches, so I select for beginners.

what to blog about pinterest search topics

Now the keyword “Fitness Challenge for Beginners” is pretty solid and I could stop there, but for the sake of this article, I will take it one step further.

5. I see that “30 Day” is the first item coming up in suggested search (the first items are the most trafficked).

Therefore, I will add “30-day” to my blog post, mix up the words a bit, and I now have “30-Day Fitness Challenge for Beginners.

Ta-da!  I can even add a little fluff to it if the keyword is too boring.

“The World’s Best 30-Day Fitness Challenge for Beginners.”


At least 70% of your content needs to be created based on the things people want, need, and are actually seeking out.

Our health and fitness website is written with virtually all content based on what people want and need.

Other tools that may help you find what people are searching for:

Google Adword’s has a Keyword Planner that used to be a solid free tool you could use to find blog posts and long tail keyword ideas by traffic.

You can still use the tool, but you can’t tell exactly how much volume a keyword generates unless you drop a little cash on running some ads…

Still useful though and one that should be used.

Another useful tool. At the time of this writing, they will give you 30 free searches. Just plug in a keyword and look at “relative frequency” to see how often it is searched.

The hot and sexy topic in keyword research right now.

I’ve been playing around with this tool lately to find keywords for Google search. Lots of hype built around it, but to be honest, it’s a pretty hard system to navigate for newbies.

We will see how I feel when I get more acquainted with the software.

Step #2. Listen to your audience and ask them what they want! (10% of your content)

I mean, for real here people…

Don’t make me come through this computer and bump you on the noggin.

Produce the content people want and need!

The second easiest way to find this content is to ASK!

  • Ask your email subscribers.
  • Ask your Facebook fans and in your Facebook group.
  • Make sure to ask at the end of your posts (like our call to action for our Youtube Channel at the end of this one ).

Now the reason this is not #1 is because sometimes people ask for dumb stuff…

I got asked on my health and nutrition Youtube Channel, The Health Nerd, yesterday if I would create a video on “how to get a longer erection.”

*face palm*

Despite this example, listening and asking your audience is crucial for future success.

This is also the first instance you should get away from point #1.  Some people will want to know more about you and maybe even request more information about your life…

If enough people want this, create it!

One of the mistakes I see bloggers make is starting out with random posts about their life and posts like “What I ate for breakfast.”

One of the smartest things we did when we started Avocadu is we started asking peeps EXACTLY what they needed from us via email.

I sifted through literally thousands of emails where people spoke in their own words about how I could help them.

I know exactly down to the wording what my audience wants and needs.

The question is, blogging buds… do you??

Step #3. What’s popular or trendy in your industry right now? (10% of content).

People love new things.  New cars. New clothes. New boyfriends (I’m watching you, Lauren).

We all do.

Like a moth to a flame, I can’t stop reading those damn headlines in the grocery store checkout.

And as much as I hate the fact I know that Brad and Angelina recently broke up, it would be harder NOT to look.

Somehow I worked this into the latest blog post. Original from @fuckjerry with a few alterations from me.

A post shared by Alex Nerney (@alexnerney1) on


Because people love new things, there will always be a new diet, a new tactic, or a new product that comes around swooping up everyone’s attention.

For Fitness Right Now:

For Blogging Right Now:

  • Webinars (like so hot right now)
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook Ads and Video
  • Growing a Big Instagram

You need to have an opinion on these.

Even if your opinion is not favorable, your followers want you to discuss these things so they know where you stand. You are an authority figure on the subject to them and having an opinion matters!

You can also see topics that are trending with google trends or using the Pinterest what’s popular tab: https://www.google.com/trends/explore

Step #4. The Cherry On Top (10% of your content).

Blog fam! I’m in the trenches with you!

I know writing the same old post on “the top 10 weight loss tips for quick results” can become mind numbingly boring.

While you should be sharing your story and personality in all your posts to better connect with your audience, it can be hard to connect when every post is a listicle or how to.

That’s why you can and should mix it up once in a while.

Here are killer blog ideas for a quick mix-up designed to CONNECT with those reading your content.
  • What’s your personal story? Tell the world in a timeline of dates posts.
  • Share some of your favorite memes, pictures, and videos that make you laugh on the internet.
  • Is there something about your industry that frustrates you? Talk about it
  • Buy a brand new product in your industry and give an honest review on it.
  • What are the goals of the blog itself for the coming week, month, and year?
  • Is there an industry leader or guru you can review?
  • How do you go against the grain in the industry? It’s ok to be controversial if it’s 100% you
  • Never have I ever. Talk about what you’ve never done but aspire to do.
  • What are the top 3 movies about your industry your readers should watch?
  • Interview someone awesome in your industry.
  • Criticize a website, blog, or person whose information is hurting your audience (be bold).
  • Share a bucket list.
  • Run a contest for a product that you love.
  • Share a blog post about all of your mistakes and biggest errors you made in the beginning (we apply this to health and fitness on our blog).
  • Thank your audience for following you. Nothing but a big fat thank you post for them showing up.

The best part is these pieces of content are fun ANDDD create a deeper connection with your audience.

Because they do, they are both good for your soul, your audience, and your business.


Create something awesome today!

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