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Travel to Nicaragua: A Cheap Tropical Paradise

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When Lauren and I (Alex) quit our regular jobs and started to work on making money from an online business, there was one major thing that kept us pushing forward everyday:


Travel to the Beautiful Paradise of Nicaragua on the CHEAP! | Createandgo.coSo we went to work every day and every night to make our dreams happen.  

Long nights, weekends, and thousands of hours later, we were on a flight to Nicaragua to our first trip abroad to begin our adventures.

Maybe the best part was that because of our hard work, we were able to accomplish this in less than a year.

It’s been such a ride!

And while be do make great money online from our health and fitness blog, we are still looking for places that are:

  • Cheap
  • Tropical
  • Safe

That’s why travel to Nicaragua was perfect for us.

Travel to Nicaragua: A Cheap Tropical Paradise that Nobody Knows About

We met up with a group called the Wifi Tribe, hopped on a plane, and headed out to Nicaragua.  I mean, after watching their AWESOME video below, how could we not?

We met some awesome people out there as well!  Here are some of the highlights of the trip to Nicargua:

Here’s where we stayed:

travel to Nicaragua for co-living and co-working with the Wifi TribeWe stayed in a large house at the Aqua Wellness Resort with some fellow entrepreneurs at the Wifi Tribe to share costs.

This place is tucked into the cost right above the border of Costa Rica nestled into the hills around similar houses.

The house was so beautiful with all sorts of places to work and spread out. The crazy thing is that houses like these are CHEAP in the down seasons of Nicaragua.

They are cheap in the rainy seasons even though there was hardly any rain while we were there #globalwarming

travel to Nicaragua to work

Best office ever? Lauren and I gettin’ it on our computers by the pool.

I mean is this real life?

This was the sunset on the beach that was no more than a 3 minute walk from our place on the hill. #nofilter


While in Nicaragua, here are some of the awesome things we got to experience:

alex nerney surfing in nicaragua

Photo cred for this one goes out to our good friend and fellow WiFi Tribe member, Aaron Jetelina!

Lauren and I both popped our surfing cherries and hit the beach. I’m a natural, clearly…

One our of favorite places to work was at the little cafe overlooking the beach:

travel to Nicaragua to work remotely at the beach

Same beach as above, just made for a killer place to blog.  Hearing the waves crashing against the rocks made it such a peaceful spot.

The Social Scene

We also made sure to take some free time off of blogging to enjoy some of the local scene…

“The Largest Party in Central America” is Sunday Funday in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

It’s a 4 location, 500+ person, all day, “frat” pool party, with dancing, booze, and just a dirty fun time. They bus you from location to location and it finished with an awesome clubbing spot right next to the beach.

We have lots of videos and pictures from this party that our dear readers (which includes our mothers) will not be seeing lol.

Happiness is the places you go and the people you meet.  We loved doing life with this crazy crew of entrepreneurs, and we made some lifelong friends.

The Volcanoes

So then there is the Ometempe island…


Ometepe island in an island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua that is formed by two volcanos.  We decided to climb Concepcion after meeting some American girls at the bar that were doing it the following morning.

Neither we nor them had ANY idea what was in store for us the following morning.  It was the hardest hike of our lives, but at the end we did get to look over the edge of an active volcano. 😛

One of the highlights of our trip was going to see the actual lava at the active volcano, Messiah.

travel to nicaragua to see lava

Photo Cred: Aaron Jetelina at

You could see the lava actually boiling up.  It was one of those eye-opening experiences where you realize that you are witnessing something truly incredible that most people don’t get a chance to see in their lifetime.

Nicaragua itself has over 20 volcanos, many of which are still active.

The next photo was taken at the Hostel Paradiso at Laguna de Apoyo, which we HIGHLY recommend checking out when you go to Nica.  It was tucked in this little area surrounding a crater lake from an old volcano.

The lake had the most crystal clear blue water that we had ever seen, and the hostel was great! They had kayaking, drinks, a fire worker show at night, and we shared some incredible memories with amazing people.

kayaking at crater lake paradiso nicaragua

Photo Cred: Aaron Jetelina at kayaking at

Overall, we had a really amazing time, met some really incredible people (including our favorite kiwis at Kiwis Off Course, who took this amazing photo below):

The only reason we were able to experience these things is because we decided to start our online blog and put in the work.

How We Did It

If you want to start your own blog, learn how to make money online, or just learn more about us check out these great resources to get started:

Next up on our list… BALI!

If you enjoyed this article on travel to Nicaragua or have any questions for us, please leave us a comment below!

Create something awesome today!

Alex & Lauren
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