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Quit Your Job and Travel the World – How We Did It Blogging!

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Do you dream of one day being able to quit your job and travel the world?  Maybe you hate your job and your life revolves around weekends and vacations that never last? Sound familiar?

Is this you at 5pm every Friday?

ecard quit your job

If so, you’re in the right place…

10 months ago, Lauren and I felt the exact same way that you probably do now.

Lauren was working for a medium-sized accounting firm as a CPA.  She was spending endless hours hunched over a desk doing people’s taxes.

I was running a private personal training practice, waking up at the ass crack of dawn (4:30 am some days) and well into the evenings (10:30 pm some days) teaching people how to get in shape.

We were tired, exhausted, and thoroughly unhappy by our “real world” jobs.

More than that, we felt like we wanted something more…  We wanted something more than chasing half days off and fleeting weekends.

Something more fulfilling.

Something we actually were passionate about!

It was from that frustration and pain in our lives that we mapped out a plan to quit our jobs and travel the world.

Fast forward to today…

Quit Your Job and Travel the World

Approximately 10 months from starting our online business, we are moving to Nicaragua to stay with a group of fellow entrepreneurs and travel across the globe.  And it couldn’t feel more freeing…

The group is called the Wifi Tribe, and we will be staying at this awesome villa!

quit your job and travel the world with the wifi tribe

It’s located in the cliffs of a private community and has a beautiful overlook of the water…

travel the coast of nicaragua

We will be staying here for about 6 weeks before moving to a similar location in Panama.

If you are going to quit your job and travel the world, co-living with other hard workers and splitting costs is the way to do it!

It’s been our dream to do something like this, and it all started 10 months ago with a couple of frustrated young professionals living in a cramped apartment in Dallas, TX.

The goal of this post is to help you by outlining:

  • Exactly what we did to achieve something like this so quickly,
  • How we are making over 10k per month from our online business completely run from our laptops,
  • And how you can do it too!

You can do exactly what we did, travel the world (or just find more time for the things that you REALLY LOVE), and live the life of your dreams.

Here is what you need to do…

The 7 Steps that Led Us to Find Success 

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Step 1. Let go of what other people tell you that you should and shouldn’t do.

Lauren and I were both raised in very conservative and traditional style, “play it safe” type homes and environments.

Maybe some of you can relate…

  1. Get good grades in high school.
  2. Go to a 4-year college.
  3. Get a degree.
  4. Get a job.
  5. Find a spouse, and get married.
  6. Get a home and a great deal on a 30-year fixed mortgage in the ‘burbs’.
  7. Work your ass off for someone else for 35+ years, climbing the “success ladder,” all the while paying for a mortgage, cars, and kids.
  8. Hopefully retire by 65 (more likely to be around 75 these days).
  9. Live the “dream” in your remaining years by playing golf and bingo.
  10. Game Over

Can we be a little honest with you?

Eff. That.

Most people these days are realizing by step 3 & 4 that something is seriously fuc#$% up with this system…  They are either swimming in financial debt from student loans, unable to find a job, or feeling completely trapped by mounting responsibilities.

It was only from reading books like The 4-Hour Workweek and The Millionaire Fastlane did Lauren and I begin to break free from this “play it safe” mindset.

A big part of breaking free: We realized we had traded what we wanted in life for what others expected of us.

We were investing endless hours building a dream someone else gave to us.  So we decided to do something differently…  Instead of being consumers, we switched over our mindset to become creators. 

So instead of the path people dictated for us that so many people aimlessly follow today, we created our own.

This is where the magic happens…

Step 2. Create Awesomeness.

Once Lauren and I decided we were going to quit our jobs and travel the world, we started working every night and weekend creating.

  • Websites
  • Products
  • Articles
  • The Works

Most of what we created absolutely sucked at the beginning.  Our first website bombed hard.  But gradually, the things we created got better and better.

We shifted our mindset into being creators rather than consumers.  If you want to find success online and be able to quit your job and live your dreams, you must stop being a consumer, and start being a creator.

That is one of the big missions behind Create and Go.  Create the things you want to see in the world.  We are going teach you how to create the things people need in this world and how to get paid for it!

Back to our story…

In the beginning of December 2015, our health and fitness website had some traction.  We had lots of visitors, email subscribers, and fans, but it was not generating any real money.

We then made a very controversial and purposeful decision…

Step 3. Quit before you are completely ready.

The problem many of you face is that you are investing 40+ hours of your time, soul, and energy into a job that is not investing in you (at least not to your FULL potential – only YOU can unlock that).

Probably much more time than that is spent between commutes, carryover stress into your personal life, and work functions.  And the less time invested in creating, the longer it takes to reach your true goals.

That’s why once you get some initial traction in your business, you should quit your job.

Lauren and I were truly spending every free moment we had creating our business (weeknights, weekends, holidays, etc).  We stopped going out and pretty much exclusively focused on our business.

We decided that sacrificing a few brunch invites and parties was worth traveling around the world.  However, even though our business had traction, things were not moving as fast as we wanted.

So as soon as we saw any sort of light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dim it was…  We quit.

And it ended up being the smartest decision we ever made.  

The only way out is UP when you make a decision like that.  When you back yourself into a corner and only have ONE option to make it (SUCCESS), you make sure that failure is not an option.

As soon as we quit, our revenue started doubling.  It doubled every month for the first 6 months after we quit, actually.  All the way up to making over 10k per month.  And the best part?

We were keeping most of that money…

Step 4. Minimize expenses and non-necessities.

We did some crazy things at the beginning of our journey… We sold or gave away almost all of our possessions, including:

  • Cars
  • Furniture
  • Most of our clothes
  • Appliances
  • Sports Equipment
  • Basically anything that wasn’t NEEDED got cut.

It ended up saving us a TON of money and giving us a big cushion from the sales.  On top of that, to save money on food, we went on an “egg and rice” diet.

Yes, it is just as bad as it sounds…  We ate nothing but eggs and rice for days on end to save money to reinvest in our business.  We also moved to my dad’s house in Seattle for free rent (don’t judge – it was empty at the time).

You would be surprised at how great life can be when you cut out the non-necessities from your life.

A couple of great books on this are: Everything that Remains and Essentialism.

Once you’ve started creating awesomeness and minimized your expenses, it’s time to seriously focus on the actual business…  The only reason our business grew as fast as it did was because we followed this next step RELIGIOUSLY.

Step 5. Learn to fail FAST.

The first thing you create is probably not going to be a success.  I mean maybe it will be, but it rarely is.  We’re just being honest with you.  Entrepreneurship success looks more like this:

paypal meme about business failure

The first business idea Lauren and I started with was a health site called Health and Happy Hour, and it focused on profanity and fitness humor for millennials.

As we said earlier, it failed in spectacular fashion.  But here is the important part that we didn’t realize at the time:

We learned a shit ton about what NOT to do.

We quickly shifted gears to our current website that makes us over $10,000 per month.  How?

We failed faster.

We tried tons of different ideas until something finally stuck.  Just know that if this is a life that you want, you are going to have to learn how to fail and be okay with screwing up.

It doesn’t have to last very long though, because if you are smart (and we hope that you are), you will start with this…

Step 6. Connect and learn from others.

I belong to a few private communities online for entrepreneurs, and they are absolutely some of the most useful resources in the process of Creating and Going.

They have literally saved me tens of thousands of of dollars.  We would be nowhere without the rad people who came before us and the inspiration and ideas they gave to us.

This is why we have created an entire private community support group just for Create and Go.  Here you can talk to us personally, ask us questions, connect, and grow.

Join here now!

I can’t stress this enough.

If you want to succeed, you must learn from those who came before you.  

And the best way to learn is by asking them questions and reading about how they failed first so that you don’t waste your time repeating their mistakes!

Finally, once you have created, failed a few times, learned from others, it’s time to…

Step 7. GO!

Take the plunge.  Step off the ledge.  Sail away from safe harbor.

Life is too short for you not to get to experience the depth and awesomeness that surrounds us.  We as humans were made to explore and experience new things.

The latest science shows us that: Experience = Happiness

You were not made to spend half of your life working in a cubicle listening to a boss you can be smarter than.

We hope you come with us on this journey and decide to go for yourself.

It is the best thing we ever did.

We really hope that this article goes a long way to inspiring you to quit your job and travel the world or realize whatever other dreams you have that you currently feel held back on!

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Alex & Lauren
Co-Founders, Create and Go
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