Pinterest for Business: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide from Actual Power Pinners

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Hey Blog Family, do you want the insider scoop from true Power Pinners about how to become a master at using Pinterest for business?

Pinterest for Business: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide from Actual Power Pinners |
Are you wondering how these Pinterest accounts are driving massive traffic to their blogs and websites via Pinterest?

This insane traffic leading to sales, email subscribers, and loyal fans…

And did we mention that it’s FREE traffic AND evergreen content? (Evergreen meaning you continue to get traffic from older posts.  You don’t HAVE to post new content to get traffic).

Welp. You’re in the right place.


It blows my mind how many big websites are throwing around Pinterest business tips and then when I check their profile, they only have like 2,000 followers…

That’s like someone teaching people how to swim because they stood in the shallow end one time.

Here’s our Pinterest profile for proof.

avocadu pinterest for business account

We got to 75k followers in less than a year. The niche is health and fitness (no, we didn’t start out blogging about blogging to make our money).

This is the blog we refer to when we talk about sales/traffic/etc on this website for those who are new here.

Here’s a picture of our traffic:

Sept 16 traffic for avocadu using pinterest for business

Over 20,000 unique visitors a day.

Here’s a picture of sales:

stripe yearly earnings from pinterest for business

We actually made over $100,000 in our first year on our tiny unheard of blog,, from Stripe and Paypal.


It has been a ridiculously awesome blessing to both our lives and our businesses, allowing us to quit our jobs and work full-time online.

This is the inside scoop and articles from true power pinners that you need to check out.

Pinterest for Business: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide from Actual Power Pinners

(NOTE** – This post will grow over time with every Pinterest post, so look out for more and make sure to pin this article for later reference!)

Setting Up Your Pinterest Account

What is Pinterest and How Does it Work? Let us walk you through some of the basics of how this whole “Pinterest Thing” works exactly. The 1,000 foot overview is that Pinterest is a place to shop, curate, and discover new things around the web.

How to Set Up Your Account and Drive Traffic Via PinterestThis post is more of an overview of the different tasks you need to complete to get started and rolling with Pinterest. Think of this as a quick start guide for someone completely new to Pinterest.

How to Get More Followers On PinterestHow we got 75k followers in less than 1 year! Lauren outlines the steps that we took to growing such a big following so quickly. This Pinterest post takes you all the way through setting up group boards to answering if you should play the follow/unfollow game.

Optimizing Your Website for Pinterest Traffic

How to Make a Pinterest Board That People Love and Follow. How to use SEO tools and free image editing software to create visually stimulating boards that people are actually looking for.

Optimize Your Website for Pinterest Pins and Traffic. If you want repins from Pinterest on your website, there is a proper setup process.  Content needs to be organized in a particular manner to maximize the chances for a repin!

The Most Important Tools and Pinterest Resources

Viral Pin Checklist. Get our free download of the viral pin checklist. Everything you need to know and make sure the pin has for it to have the potential of virality.

Tailwind. How we schedule pins every month.  Pinterest loves when you manually pin things, but a scheduler is the only way to go for real success.  It frees up your time to focus on creating content and work on other projects.  We also use it to track the success of boards we join to make sure we are not on any bad Pinterest boards.  It also helps you track your overall profile performance and the performance of individual pins.

Canva. The most awesome image creator ever. Without eye-catching pins, you won’t go anywhere on Pinterest.  You can have the best content ever, but it won’t ever see the light of day without great pins.  Canva is by far the best free platform to use to create pins!

Pin GroupieHow to find group boards to join. You can organize by collaborators, repins, followers, etc. Just make sure once you join to check how good the board is on Tailwind to ensure you’re not on a bad one. Poorly performing group boards bring down the entire account.

Shutterstock. Where we get stock images from to create amazing pins. It’s expensive, tedious to use, and totally worth every penny.

Pinterest Analytics. The source Pinterest gives you to track stats, visits to your Pinterest page, audience likes and dislikes, and other metrics.

Beginner Pinterest Must-Know Tips

10 Pinterest Tips and Tricks for Beginners. Here we go over some of the best Pinterest Tips and Tricks for newbies that you can use to get more followers, more visits to your website, and sales with Pinterest.

How I Made Pinterest My Full-Time Job. Lauren’s story (and mine) of how we went from $0 to well over $40k one month (avg $20k+/m). How she now spends most of her day and time optimizing out Pinterest account, boards, and more.

Advanced Pinterest Tips Most People Miss

Ok, so truth be told, I looked far and wide for some additional advanced Pinterest tips to place here. You know what came up? Nada. Nothing of any value or merit. Most articles were written well over 2 years ago, and the platform has changed a LOT since then.

10 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes “Experts” Still Teach. If you google “Pinterest marketing strategies,” you will see that the first several articles are all dated between 2012 and 2015. How unhelpful is that?  Do you know how many times the algorithm has changed since then?  …A LOT!  Avoid these common mistakes unless you don’t care about the speed at which you grow.

6 Advanced Pinterest Tips You Probably Didn’t Know.  It’s hard to find legit advanced tips and strategies these days if you’re an experienced pinner.  That’s because you MUST spend a LOT of time on the platform in order to learn anything that advanced.  Thankfully for you, my reader and blogger friend, I (co-founder Lauren) spend a TON of time on Pinterest.

Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche. Our Pinterest product on how we drive over 300,000 visitors per month to our blog and how we did it in less than a year. We let you inside our popular Pinterest account to see EVERYTHING. from our most popular pins to our “Ninja Secrets” that we don’t share for free. Check it out if you dare.

We will also be continuing to add to this page over time.

I want this page to be the #1 hub for the BEST Pinterest information that you can easily scan through and get results from.

Create something awesome today!

Alex Nerney
Create and Go
Alex Nerney Signature Create and Go


P.S. Got any other resources or tool for Pinterest that I missed? Did this article help you? Let me know in the comments below if you liked it or how we can improve!

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