how to overcome your fear of starting a blog

How to Overcome Your Fear of Blogging

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Having fears and anxieties about starting a blog or new endeavor is completely normal! Learn how to overcome your fear of blogging with these steps.

Can any of you relate to the many fears that we had?  We were fearful of…

  • Trolls and people saying mean things about us (it has happened plenty of times)
  • Not being good enough
  • Starting in the wrong niche and having to start over again from scratch.
  • Regretting our blog name that kept us from starting
  • Failure and the embarrassment from that failure
  • People thinking less of us for quitting our “real” jobs and becoming bloggers
  • Most of all: Fear of putting ourselves out there and exposing who we are to the world. We didn’t have our faces on the blog for a long time because of this.

Even starting this blog (Create and Go) AFTER we had a successful one ( came with a lot of new fears, including:

  • People knowing how much money we make
  • Friends and family looking down on us
  • Customers requesting refunds, because they think we’re rich and don’t need their money
  • Not being successful enough to compete with the guru “blogging and blogging” experts

We’re going to get personal on you and include a few individual fears we had as well.

Personal fears (Alex):

  • Nobody on Pinterest would relate to me because I am a dude and the traffic we get is 80% women.
  • My writing is not good enough and people would make fun of me (I got bad grades in English as a kid and still think about it)
  • We just got lucky with and can not repeat it’s success

Personal fears (Lauren):

  • Getting on camera in front of strangers
  • Starting an Instagram account for my followers to “look up to”
  • Worry about people thinking our Facebook community groups are “lame” in the beginning, because there aren’t enough people to make them look “popular”

That’s a lot of fears…

Real talk:  Everyone feels some or most of these fears to an extent.

Nobody just starts as blog without these doubts looming in the back of their minds.  Doubting yourself is a much apart of being human as breathing and loving chocolate.

It’s just not realistic to think that you will ever feel 100% ready.

Remember that everyone starts at zero with a new blog and related social media accounts.  Everyone has to build their blog and community from the ground up.

It’s easy to look at the top dogs sometimes and feel discouraged when you are first starting out (“I’ll never get there!”).

Just remember that they started at the bottom too, and with the information age growing exponentially, you have even more tools at your disposal than they did when they started!

Below are some of the best strategies we have found to deal with these fears.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Blogging

How to Overcome Your Fear of Blogging and Start a Blog Today | Createandgo.coStep #1. Realize you cannot eliminate fear, so stop trying. 

I have read a lot of posts on this topic and I have to say, I feel like most people are doing this 100% wrong.

You cannot eliminate fear.  Having fears keeps you alive.

Fear of losing your apartment keeps you paying the bills.

Fear of getting fat keeps me from eating fudgesicles for breakfast.

Get comfortable with knowing that fear can actually be a good thing.

The goal in life is not to eliminate all pain or fear (What are you, a robot?).  The goal is to learn how to deal with fear and act accordingly.

Confidence is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  It’s being unsure of yourself and pressing on, not hypnotizing yourself into not feeling natural feelings anymore.  Don’t be a goof.

Here is a great strategy for this…

Step #2. Frame all mistakes and failures as learning lessons.

We talk about it a lot, but our first blog bombed spectacularly.

fear of blogging because our first blog bombed spectacularlyDid we pack up our blogging career and head for the door?

Hell no!

We took what we learned from our failure and made the next endeavor even better.

I never once felt like Health and Happy Hour was a mistake.  It was part of the journey that got us here.  Even if your first blog does not succeed, guess what… you will learn a lot from it.

As you continue to learn, you will continue to get better and better, eventually making your own blog and giving us lessons!

There are no mistakes, only learning opportunities. 

Step #3. Write out what will happen to you if you do fail.

This is a little trick I snagged from Tim Ferriss, and it’s something you should try.

Lauren and I used this technique when were making the decision to quit our jobs to blog full-time (BEFORE we were making any money – scary shit).

We sat down and wrote down some worst case scenarios.  If we quit our jobs and gave this our everything, what was the worst that could happen?

  • We lose our safety net (well-paid full-time jobs) to spend 6+ months blogging and never actually figure out how to make any real money from it.
  • We lose a lot of money and time in the process and have to crawl back to Dallas (from Seattle, where we temporarily lived rent-free to build the blog) with our tails behind our butts.
  • I have to get my old personal training clients back, and Lauren has to go back to her 9-5 as a CPA.
  • We slowly have to recoup what we lost and live pretty cheaply for the next couple of years in order to do so.
  • We have to tell our family and our friends that we failed.

That’s it.  Notice that there is no “starvation or death” anywhere in there…

When you write our your fears, they become kind of silly.

We’re speaking to you right now from the beautiful country of Bali, where we are staying co-living and co-working with others like us from around the world.

I can’t imagine if we had NOT taken that risk when I think about the BEST things that can happen and the fact that we are living them (after just one year)!

The truth of it is, if that’s the WORST that can happen, I think you’ll be okay.

Just having the ability to read this post wherever you are means that you a living a pretty good life by the world’s standards.  A large percentage of the world is illiterate and does not even have the opportunity to read let alone blog for money…

That’s just some food for thought for you.

Step #4. Internalize this beautiful quote by the late David Foster Wallace.

In his book, Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace spits out this gem:

david foster wallace quote

That may be a little depressing to hear if this is your first time realizing that, but it’s capital T True.

People are not that concerned with you.  They are more concerned with themselves and being concerned about what others think of them.

Ok yes, your mom cares about you and you’re still her special snowflake, but even she spends 95% of her time worrying about herself and her life instead of yours.

She’s got mom stuff to deal with, honey!

People are not spending the majority of their days worrying about some dumb thing I said on (our health and fitness website).  They’ve got other stuff to deal with.  Real life stuff.

That’s totally cool.

Once you internalize this, it frees you up to be yourself and act on how you feel.

Waiting to start a blog is almost always centered around the fear of what others think about you.  Hopefully now you understand a little more about why that’s a very silly thing to be concerned with! 😉

On top of understanding fear, I wanted to give you a few reasons to go ahead and start that blog today…

10 Reasons You Should Start a Blog TODAY

10 Reasons to Start a Blog Today | We started out no different than you.

Lauren was an overworked CPA at a mid-sized accounting firm in Dallas, Texas and I was a full-time personal trainer busting my butt for an hourly wage.

I think the most important thing you can understand about our story is that there is nothing inherently special about our backgrounds.

Anyone can make a blog succeed.

That being said, some of you are still probably asking the questions of why.

The money sounds nice, but why should I start a blog exactly?

Reason #1. Blogging is a challenge, and challenges are IMPORTANT!

 Looking back on our time blogging thus far, there were good times and bad times.

No, it wasn’t all sunshine, roses, and pretty photos.  But it has been an incredibly fun time where Lauren and I challenged each other and grew as people both professionally and personally from it.

Blogging will help you overcome fears and challenge you to be better and to help more people.

The thrill is in the challenge of making all of the pieces work together, and it is actually quite a rush when it does!

For all of you preferred video learners out there, here is a quick video on this topic from our Youtube Channel, Blog and Go, below.

For more free blogging tips and tricks from the experts, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Reason #2. You can make good money passively.

We make a good amount of passive income from our blog without lifting a finger every month:

Amazon Associates September 2016 Earnings to bust any fear of blogging

These are some of our sales from Amazon for September of 2016 (we actually ended up capping the month off at $982).

No, it’s not “quit your job and buy a mansion” money, but it’s plenty impactful and life changing for most people.

The $982 we earned last month passively can go to

  • Groceries
  • Gas
  • Bills

Just think about the impact of having your grocery bill paid for every month!! 

Reason #3. You can make GREAT money actively! 

That little bit of change from Amazon was just a small piece of the pie for us in September.  If you have read any of our other articles, you know that we make over $10k/month actively (and usually much more than that).

You can see some of the income reports here (from our other blog,

The best part is that most of that income is pretty passive.  We already have our programs written and our sales pages converting.

All we have to do is write a couple of new articles, send a few emails, and do some customer service support to maintain most of our income from Avocadu.

If you really hustle your butt off, the sky is the limit as far as income is concerned.

Reason #4. It’s so much fun! 

Having someone share our hard work on Pinterest, like our posts, comment, or buy our products is always a rush (even after a year of doing it!).

Blogging is actually a fun hobby and/or business, because you are constantly making new friends and meeting new people around the world.

It’s truly an incredible feeling to be able to wake up in the morning and work on what you want to work on and design your entire day.

 Reason #5. Wake up or nap whenever you want.

One of my biggest complaints while working as a personal trainer was deciding between sleep and having a social life.  Clients often want to train at the butt crack of dawn (think 5 am or worse), and it was really hard to justify spending time with friends when you feel like you have to go to bed at 9 pm to get adequate sleep.

I know many of you will feel similarly about waking up for a job.

Blogging has completely altered this problem for Lauren and I.  Now we wake up whenever our bodies feel good and ready to.

And for those of you who are moms or have other early morning obligations, having a blog will allow you some time to nap too!

Reason #6. You will become a better thinker and writer.

Condensing thoughts and ideas down into actionable information others can use will sharpen your mind.

Lauren and I have both noticed an improvement in the clarity of thoughts and conversations from blogging.

If that wasn’t enough, writing is a great way to clear your head.  When feeling stressed, it allows for a mental release from other activities.

Reason #7. It will give you confidence and help you make better decisions.

Publishing your thoughts and feelings about something to the world is a little scary the first time you do it.  At least it was for us.

One of the cool “bonus benefits” of blogging that we noticed was a major increase is self-confidence over time.

It seems that putting ourselves constantly “out there” for the world to see raised our self-esteem from both the positive and negative feedback we got.  You begin to adjust to the feeling and have more confidence in your decisions because of it.

This will have both an impact on how you write but also in your day to day life as well!

 Reason #8. You can use it to promote other projects. 

One of the cool things about Avocadu’s growth and readership has been our ability to cross-promote other projects.

For instance, our Youtube channel, The Health Nerd, is getting very popular these days.

By embedding the videos into our articles, we have essentially used Avocadu to start a successful and separate Youtube channel as well.

We are also leveraging the success of Avocadu to have success with this blog as well.  It has allowed us the experiences to be able to teach others how to achieve what we have achieved.

So having a successful blog allows you to cross-promote other projects or hobbies you are interested in, and sometimes these opportunities just present themselves out of nowhere.

It has opened doors for us that we had never dreamed of.

Reason #9. You’ll make a difference in the lives of others.

Our popular weight loss product, The 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, has impacted the lives of thousands of people now in just a year.

In fact, we get new testimonials about our challenge daily and the impact it has made on the lives of others.

Here is one of our favorites:

avocadu weight loss testimonial to bust fear of blogging

So not only can you make money, but you can also help change the lives of other people.

Please don’t be intimidated by this! When we started, we had no idea what Avocadu would become and did not think it would have such an impact, but it has.

 You can have that kind of impact too one day if you work hard enough at it!

Reason #10. It’s relatively cheap to start an awesome blog! 

These days, you can get a hosting and domain package for virtually nothing.  It’s only $2.95 per month with Bluehost (with our discount link!).

The only catch is that you have to pay at least a year’s worth up front, but it’s also prorated.  That means that if you are unhappy for any reason, you can cancel it and get your money back.

This + a quality theme and a few plugins is really all you need to start!

Note*** Do not use those “free” blogging websites out there (think “” or “”).  You have no control over the content, it looks super unprofessional, you can’t have affiliate links to make money, and it’s almost impossible to make any real money with them.

Ready to start your blog?  Here are a few resources that will help you succeed!

Bluehost – Without a doubt, it’s the best platform for newbie bloggers to get started.

Note: We HIGHLY recommend starting out with Bluehost.  We did not, and we were forced to move our entire site over to them after our blog crashed due to high volumes of traffic with our other hosting company (costing us time and LOTS of money)!

If you’d like a step-by-step process on how to start it, we have written and video instructions available in this post: → Start a Successful Blog Today

Other great resources we have:

FREE 7-Day Course for Starting Your Own Profitable Blog

How to Select the Right Niche for Your Blog

How to Select a Great Domain Name and Blog Name

Create something awesome today!

Leave us a comment below if you enjoyed this article on fear of blogging or have any questions for us!

Alex Nerney
Co-Founder, Create and Go
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P.S. What are the biggest struggles you are facing with starting a blog?  Let us know in the comments section  below, and we’ll do our best to help!

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