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Blog Income Report May 2016 – $9,075.82 Blogging

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Learn how to make money blogging with our Blog Income Report May 2016, showing proof of income and how to achieve it!

Why do we post Income Reports? 

Transparency, vulnerability, and honesty.  If we are going to be the people that coach you on how to make money online, we better be damn successful ourselves!

We also hope that walking you through the dumb mistakes we make each month and the awesome lessons we learn from being creators ourselves, that we can better help you in your business!

Blog Income Report May 2016 - $9,075.58 Blogging | Createandgo.coBut before we get rolling, there’s an important topic we need to discuss…

Our income is NOT only made from the “make money online” niche (actually, no income is at this point). 

We didn’t start Create and Go until after we had established a solid income in a completely different niche.

This income report will be for our health and fitness website,

Why does this matter?

Because there are a lot of blogs out there that only make money online teaching people how to make money online…  

They are essentially blogging about blogging.

It’s like chicken and the egg scenario.

Which came first???

It can be helpful when starting a blog and driving traffic, but it’s usually useless when it comes to monetizing your blog unless you are in the same niche.

Anyway, let’s continue with our story…

Note: This article is an income report on how we made over $24k in one month with our blog.  If you haven’t started your own blog yet, you can make your first step by visiting our article here → How to Start a Profitable Blog


The secret that they don’t want you to know is that a lot of people don’t make money online until they begin to teach people how to make money online.

Which is pretty unhelpful if you have a blog on an unrelated topic…

It’s 10x easier making money selling courses on how to make money, because there’s real potential that customer will earn the money they spend right back!

It’s MUCH MORE DIFFICULT selling a course on fun DIY projects and have to convince someone that your course is worth whatever price you’re charging.

Completely. Different. Ball game.

We started out in a different niche before starting for this very reason. This way we can TRULY show you how to start a successful blog in any profitable niche!

Sorry for the bit of a rant, but it needed to be said…

Blog Income Report May 2016

  • Products sold on our authority site: $8,409
  • Affiliate commissions: $667 

Total Revenues: $9,076

  • Website: $1,390
  • ClickFunnels: $97 (See our full review on this product)
  • Get Response (Emails): $145 (*We now use and recommend Convertkit!)
  • Hosting + Domain (Bluehost): $67. (Note: This includes VPS service.)
  • Shutterstock (Stock Photos): $169
  • Subscriptions: $27
  • Advertising (Pin Scheduler) :$12 (Viraltag – Update* We now use Tailwind)
  • Analytics (Tailwind for Pinterest): $15
  • Office: $167

 Total Expenses: $2,089


So what worked and what didn’t???

For all of you preferred video learners out there, here is a quick video on this income report from our Youtube Channel, Blog and Go, below.

For more free blogging tips and tricks from the experts, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Let’s rap homies…


When you’re a newbie entrepreneur, you’re going to have to make sacrifices.  It’s not all sunshine, laptops, and cold coronas on the beach when starting out.

One of the biggest sacrifices we had to make was where we lived.

Part of starting an online business is minimizing expenses, and that involved giving up our awesome and overpriced apartment in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas sunset

That was our view of the sunset every evening! 🙂

From the months of January to May we moved to my dad’s house in Seattle to live rent-free.  However, it was only for a limited stay as we began the business.

We then moved in with my mom in Colorado for 3 weeks and then with Lauren’s brothers for 4 weeks to save some more money.

It makes for a difficult work environment, but it was part of the decision we made when we quit our jobs.

We knew that these sacrifices had to be made and sucking up personal pride to move back in the the mom unit is just one of those things that had to be done.

Special thanks to momma Ann Nerney if she ever reads this. 🙂

So how did we more than double our revenues?

In the month of April, we earned $4,244.35, and compared to the month of May at $9,075.58, we had a 138.27% increase in revenue!

It was awesome! 🙂

In this month, we stuck to the things we were good at:

  1. Writing New Articles.

I mean, we have a blog… It seems pretty obvious that producing more relevant content that our readers love might help our bottom line. **face palm***

The reason this is so important for bloggers or online businesses producing content is because people love NEW things.

It had been a long time since we had produced any new and awesome content, because we had been relying on the virality of a few older articles on Pinterest.

As soon as we started putting more awesomeness out there, awesomeness came right back to us. 

  1. Sending Awesome Emails.

For a long time, our email list paralyzed us with fear.  Our list was growing, but we kept thinking, “We should send them an email, but it needs to be PERFECT so they don’t unsubscribe!”

Sadly enough, this went on for a couple of months and is a common problem people seem to have in running an online business.  This month however, we decided to try an experiment.

We started to send short, light-hearted emails almost daily.  They were emails that really didn’t require a lot of time or effort but were designed to keep us on the minds of our customers and be helpful.

Sweet baby Jesus how well this worked.  It’s also easy on us and takes us less than an hour to do.

They are right when they said the money is in the list!

In other words, Lauren and I spent almost every day focused on creating awesomeness.  And when our time was focused on creating things instead of perfecting things, our income grew by 138.27%.

You will see in the following month, this is how we slipped up and why we didn’t have any growth.

After 4 straight months of doubling our revenue, we stopped creating and started to trying to perfect things… but more on that dumb mistake later.


This was one of the first months that we made real money and had a significant amount of profit.  When we did the numbers at the end of the month, I remember Lauren and I did a lot of smiling and hugging.

Dolla Dolla Bills

No, this isn’t a million dollars and I’m not waking up in a new Bugatti anytime soon, but that’s not the reason we started anyway!

Our goal has always been to live life on our terms and travel the world.

We want to GO on an adventure and experience life, not buy matching red BMW’s and get a mortgage in the burbs.

I guess our only hope by sharing these things with you is that you too may be inspired by our progress and will begin to start or continue your journey.

Trust us, if a delinquent personal trainer and a tax accountant can create something like this, YOU CAN TOO.

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Alex & Lauren
Co-Founders, Create and Go
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P.S. What are the biggest struggles you are having with your current blog right now? Share them with us in the comments section below, and we will do our best to help!

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