July Income Report 2016

Blog Income Report July 2016 – $40,922 Blogging

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Learn how to make money blogging with our Blog Income Report July 2016 showing proof of income and how to achieve it!

Blog Income Report July 2016 - $40,922 Blogging | Createandgo.coWhy do we post income reports? 

Transparency, vulnerability, and honesty.  If we are going to be the people that coach you on how to make money online, we better be damn successful ourselves!

We also hope that walking you through the dumb mistakes we make each month and the awesome lessons we learn from being creators ourselves, that we can better help you in your business!

We also think it’s important to mention:

Our income is NOT only made from the “make money online” niche.   We don’t JUST blog about blogging.

We didn’t start Create and Go until after we had established a solid income with our website in a completely different niche (health and fitness), Avocadu.com.

Why does this matter?

Because there are a lot of blogs out there that only make money online by teaching other people how to make money online…

They essentially blog about blogging.  While that can be helpful at times when getting started with a blog, it’s quite unhelpful when it comes to monetizing your blog.

That is why we teach from the standpoint of our successful health and fitness blog, rather than this this one.  We hope that you find our journeys and pitfalls in a separate niche a little more relatable.

Note: This article is an income report on how we made over $40k in one month with our blog.  If you haven’t started your own blog yet, you can make your first step by visiting our article here → How to Start a Profitable Blog

Ok, let’s begin our story…

It was a normal Tuesday evening when I noticed a spike in sales when we had sold 5 copies of our program in an hour. This had happened before, but it was still irregular.

Lauren and I went to bed that night just like any other night (early, like old people) and with no expectations of what would come next.

That morning, however, we woke up to a ton of overnight sales.  Wayyyyyy more than normal.

Something was up…

What happened over the next few days was nothing short of life changing.

We matched our best day in sales that day.

The next day after that – we doubled it.

The next day after that, we doubled it AGAIN.

Finally, we doubled it again one last time for the most sales revenues in one day and more than what we had in our first 3 months of business combined….

The feeling was incredible.

Lots of high fives, hugs, and celebratory drinks (probably too many).

Lauren and I don’t really care about money per se (we’ve already sold almost all of our belongings and don’t have a lot of “things”), but we care A LOT about the freedom that money can buy.

I personally don’t give two ____’s about:

  • Pimpin’ rides
  • Poppin’ bandz at da club
  • Bottle service
  • Stuffy yacht parties
  • Expensive clothes
  • Hundred dollar haircuts
  • Fancy shoes
  • Or any of that other social status BS our society is completely obsessed with.

However, I do give lots of ____’s about:

  • My personal time freedom
  • Being able to afford healthy food and supplements
  • Buying experiences (travel and adventures)
  • Mental freedom from worrying about the next paycheck

We knew that this kind of money allows for those things!

This kind of money would allow us to travel the world, and this kind of money would allow us to follow our passions and explore other opportunities.

We knew things had changed forever…

For all of you preferred video learners out there, here is a quick video on this income report from our Youtube Channel, Blog and Go, below.

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So without further ado…

Blog Income Report July 2016


(From authority website: Avocadu.com)

  • Products Sold (net of credit card fees): $39,703
  • Affiliate Products: $1,219

Total: $40,922


Total: $4,386

NET INCOME: $36,536

What happened exactly???

Remember when we talked about what happened in June and why our revenue dipped? 

For a refresher, what happened is we stopped creating awesomeness. We stopped creating content and became over obsessive about conversion rates and clicks.

We got overly focused on things we sucked at and completely neglected creating awesomeness.

In July, we decided to do a complete 180.

All we DID in July was create awesomeness.

We almost put out 1 new article every day and, just as importantly, we focused on creating articles with a purpose.

It was actually one of the new articles that we created that led to this growth in revenue and the next level in our business… 

We had a pin go “mega viral.”

What does that mean exactly?

Well first of all, we made that word up. What we mean is… We had a single Pinterest pin drive over 250,000 visits to our website over the course of 7 days.

Through the entire month of July, we had 990,639 visitors to our website:

Website Traffic for Blog Income Report July 2016

This is pretty much insanity as far as traffic is concerned.

(NOTE** If interested in learning how we drive this much organic/free traffic from Pinterest, we will link our Pinterest eCourse at the bottom of this page.)

But just having a pin go “mega viral” is not enough. You also need to:

Have a step by step processes or “funnel” that leads customers to a purchase. 

When starting to sell products online, you will begin the understand that sales can only be made when all of the pieces of the puzzle/funnel are set up in the proper order.

You must:

Step #1. Create an article centered around a customer problem that your product solves.

Step #2. Make sure the article gives enough value for people to learn from you, but not so much that they feel they don’t need any more help.

Step #3. Drive lots traffic to that article/page/video.

Step #4. Provide the in depth help they need with your product or service in the article at the right time (don’t force a product in your content).

Step #5. Finally, have a killer sales pages that establishes lots of trust and can get people to immediately pull out their wallet after reading the article. 

P.S. We use Clickfunnels to make our killer sales pages.  You can check out our Clickfunnels Review article for more info on that.

This is why direct conversion is so difficult.

 Because if you miss ANY of these steps, you won’t make a dime.

(Note*** The other option for beginners is to drive traffic to an opt in and send a series of follow up emails connecting with your audience and talking about your product. This is also what we do, but it is a much more arduous process, and this pin sold products without any email help). 

Common mistakes we had made to get to this point were…

Mistake #1. Driving traffic to the wrong articles/content. (Example: creating recipe/food articles is great for traffic but MISERABLE for conversion.)

Mistake #2. Giving people too much from the articles, so they felt like they didn’t need our product or service. This is a subtle mistake almost everyone is making.

Think of all the hundreds of websites you have visited, taken some great piece of advice from, and never visited again. This is what happens when you give too much and is why most websites fail.

Mistake #3. Not having a great sales page. Seems obvious enough, but if people are visiting your sales page and not converting, that’s an issue.

This pin/article represented the first time we put together every piece of the puzzle. It really was 10 months in the making, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

On our best day ever, we didn’t lift a finger…

Sales Volume for Blog Income Report July 2016

I want you to envision this for a moment. Our best day we ever had, we spent drinking mimosas with some of our best friends (shout-out to Brock and Bethany Jameson), eating a savory Mexican brunch, playing drinking games, and just having fun with the people we love.

This is what your life can be like.

This is passive income.  And it can change your WORLD.

Do we expect this to continue?? 

Not at all, folks!

The pin will come down from mega virality and will normalize along with all of our other articles.

And that’s a-okay.

We are still averaging plenty of money to live our dream life.

One of the cool things about the money was that I spent a lot of upfront money learning how to make money online and recouped all of it in a single month.

I’ve never written about this publicly, but up to this point, I had spent over $15,000 on different products, softwares, and services, learning everything I could about the industry.

The funny thing is I don’t regret it.

I didn’t even mind at the time, because I knew spending all of my excess personal income and savings on learning these things were investments in my education of online business.

It was painful, but GD it paid off (GD = gosh dagnabbit).

What are the next steps for our business? 

We’ve learned our lesson from the past. Our job is to continue creating awesomeness and let the chips fall where they may.

Our focus is much simpler these days:

  1. Continue creating amazing content for Avocadu and Create and Go
  2. Send emails to our followers unabashedly talking about our products and how awesome they are
  3. Continue to get better at Pinterest and understanding our traffic platform

Ok that’s it for this report.

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Create something awesome today!

Alex & Lauren
Co-Founders, Create and Go
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