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Blog Income Report September 2016 – $21,162 Blogging

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How to make money blogging: This is our detailed blog income report September 2016!

For those new to seeing these income reports, they may come across as a little strange. For those of you who understand the deal-io, you can skip past this brief explanation to the “Show me the money!” section.

How to Make Money Blogging - $21,162 September 2016 From Our Blog | Createandgo.coThere are lots of folks out there talking about making money online.

I can’t get through my Facebook news feed these days without seeing an advertisement of some rando with a big cheesy smile talking about their life changing webinar…

LOTS of people running around calling themselves gurus and influencers.

Even worse and more confusing, there are lots of blogging “experts” that only make money blogging about making money blogging.

The sad truth about some of these “experts” is that they didn’t make money online until they began to teach other people how to make money online…

Which is pretty unhelpful if you have a blog on an unrelated topic.

Just so you know, the blog that we took from $0 all the way up to 10k+ per month in less than a year is in the health and wellness niche:

We found great success (and a lot of failures along the way) in that blog BEFORE we started this one.  Our income reports are solely based on Avocadu’s performance.

They are not only a way for us to inspire you and show you the potential of making money online and how to make money blogging, but it’s a way for us to connect with you and help you avoid the many mistakes we made on our own journey.

We know that it’s pretty strange having our friends, family, and loved ones knowing how much money we make, but that’s the tradeoff we choose for the transparency this provides.

We hope this goes to help you better understand why we post these reports! 😛

Show me the money!

Blog Income Report September 2016


(From authority website:

  • Products Sold (net of credit card fees): $22,587
  • Affiliate Products: $1,098

Total: $23,685


Total: $2,523


Proof of Income and Traffic


Stripe Sales Income Proof for blog income report September 2016


Paypal Sales Income Proof blog income report September 2016


Amazon Sales Income Proof for blog income report September 2016


Sept 16 traffic for avocadu

If you would like to learn how we generate this kind of traffic to our blog every month, you can check out our Pinterest eCourse to see how: Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche.

What happened this month:

We moved back home from Nicaragua to Florida to get some stuff done before traveling again.  Our next adventure is out to Bali, and is where I am currently writing this article. THIS PLACE IS HEAVEN!

Here’s a couple photos of our first days here:

They have the most AMAZING and HEALTHY food! As health and fitness nuts, we of course are in heaven!


It’s also just an incredibly beautiful place, with flourishing wildlife, unique culture, and the NICEST people!


Everything is so beautiful and healthy and awesome, and WE LOVE IT.  The people are some of the friendliest in the world, and you’d be hard pressed to find a healthier culture

Seeing someone out of shape is such a rarity, and most of the ones you do see are foreigners (probably from my home state Texas).

It’s truly everything people talk about, and we’ve only been here 3 fudging days.

Real talk:

Nothing life-changing happened with our business this month.

I know how unsexy that it is, but it’s the capital T Truth.

There is no magical thing we learned or did differently to produce our success.

If you didn’t know already, we make sales from our online programs that help people with their health and fitness problems.

The primary one being a fast weight loss product and the secondary one being one about yoga.  Feel free to check em out and buy a copy if you dare 😛

How I personally feel about our traffic and income:

We can do better.  A lot better.

Sure, we are full-time bloggers making a great income, but we are no where close to the peak of what can be accomplished.  

This makes me feel both bad and good.  Bad that we have been complacent in our success and good that there is a lot more room for growth.

Lauren and I had a little heart-to-heart recently about distractions in our lives and the impact they have had on our growing business.

We are currently managing 3 different businesses, and it is becoming quite the challenge:

Avocadu, Create and Go, and The Health Nerd all represent 3 different businesses we own and are trying to juggle like a bad circus act.  That being said, we are taking some serious time to focus back in on Avocadu and its incredibly bright future.

It’s time to take it to the next level.  The point is, we are focusing most of our time and efforts on what is making us the most money right now.

Making moves and kissing babies.

kissing babies income report example

Here’s some of the main moves we’re making and are excited about:

The New Year is Upon Us: Anyone in health and fitness will know that the following 3 months are hell for those in the fitness space.  People are bundled up in parkas drinking pumpkin spices lattes and NOT worried about their bikini body.  Sad. Day.

This downtime is normal and is fine, because health and fitness is explosive during the first 6 months of the year… especially in January.  Time to lose that pumpkin-spiced gut.

Basically our entire business model needs to be shifted for the next 3 months to gearing up for a big 2017.  In light of that, here are the dope things we are going to be working on…

Supplements Superheros: We actually received our first batch of test supplements to try and it was incredible!

avocadu testing protein supplements

We are starting with our own brand of whey protein, and I did not expect it to be such a hit. Lauren, myself, and her brother, Dale, all agreed that the protein tasted great and would be a great fit for Avocadu.

We will be starting with protein and expanding to other supplements from there (probiotics, vitamin D3, and many others).  As Lauren and I both use and love supplements ourselves, this is going to be a perfect fit for our brand in the future.

Update: The protein fell through for a variety of reasons (minimum purchase amount, profit margins, etc), but we are well on our way to doing probiotics instead!

On top of that, supplement articles are very popular on Pinterest, and our latest article on the subject is doing very well (thus our high Amazon sales this month).

We want a bunch of these supplements produced and ready for 2017, so it’s really crunch time to get all of that done before the new year!

Website Overhaul: When we switched over from X Theme to Genesis (on Avocadu), the purpose was to speed up the website slightly because of the crazy amount of traffic we get.  Unfortunately, because of the switch, we lost out on a lot of the customization features that come with X Theme and thus our website looks less than spectacular.

We don’t like the home page at all, and the navigation is poop.

This is why we recommend X-theme.  It’s totally easy to use, and great for most bloggers.  We actually use it on Create and Go!  The only reason we made the switch was because Genesis is known for being lightning fast.  But now we get to spend a bunch of money to make it customizable like X-theme…

We need our website to be: more engaging, easier to navigate, and just overall look a LOT more official and trustworthy.  This will involve a complete overhaul, including professional photos of both Lauren and myself.

These changes are also coming with a new motto and mission:

Being Healthy from the Inside Out

The mission is to teach people how to heal and nourish their bodies starting with what they eat.  Since being healthy is 80% diet and 20% exercise, this is going to be our primary focus.

Make sure you are continually analyzing your blog, your audience, and your purpose so that you don’t lose sight of what is most important and so that you can continue to grow and change in the right direction!

From our products to our articles, this is the direction we will be heading with the blog and are pumped city about it.

Healthy Eating/Living Course: One of the most important lessons we have learned as a business is to listen to our customers. There are a few different ways we do this:

  • Seeing what articles are the most trafficked (right now, supplements)
  • Seeing what affiliate products people are purchasing (very important for a budding business and testing the viability of products).
  • Listening closely to the comments and suggestions in our private Facebook Group

One of our biggest and most successful products, our fast weight loss program, comes with a community support group for free guidance and motivation.  In that support group, one of the most common questions and requests are what to do “after the challenge.”

The 21-day Challenge is designed for optimal weight loss, but after people lose the weight, they are wondering “what’s next?”

So, that’s exactly what we need to create!  We are going to change gears and create more of a teaching course than an ebook on this one.  It could be an epic failure, but we think it’s worth a shot J

So most importantly, LISTEN to your audience!  They will tell you exactly what they need and what you should focus your time on.

You just have to make sure you are listening and looking in the right place!

Aright homies, that’s it for this report.  See you on the next one!

Oh, and if you have not started your blog yet, check out our FREE 7-day course on starting your own successful blog here.  We walk you step-by-step though the process.

how to start a profitable blog

This process is also outlined in detail in our post on How to Start a Successful Blog.

And if you already own a bad-a blog and are looking to get more traffic, grab our free Pinterest Viral Pin Checklist here.  We will also send you emails about how we get success using the platform.

If you liked this article on how to make money blogging with our blog income report September 2016 or have any questions for us, please leave us a comment below!

Create something awesome today!

Alex & Lauren
Co-Founders, C&G
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