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How to Come Up With a Great Blog Name in 30 Minutes!

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Ready to learn how to come up with a great blog name in your niche without spending countless hours searching for creativity and domain names?

I have started many websites in my lifetime and know one cold hard truth about blogging and website names – in general, they really do not matter.

Say what!?  You probably thought that your name was THE most important part of your website, right!?

Wrong.  Your content matters so much more than your name.

How to Come Up With a Great Blog Name and Start a Blog Today | Createandgo.coYou can have a blog titled and if all you do is post about sports, it’s not going to matter.

That being said, many of you will be interested in finding a fun name for your blog, so I have made a little article to help you.

The process should take you around 30 minutes and no more than an hour to complete!

Before we start:  What is the niche of your blog?

If you’re having trouble finding your niche or have not settled on one yet, check out our post on: How To Find Your Blogging Niche.

Assuming that you have found the niche you want to be in, let’s get your domain name handled.

How to Come Up With a Great Blog Name

Let’s start with a couple pieces of advice I have learned from hunting down domain names in the past:

→ Lesson #1. Most “normal” domain names or ideas you have will be taken.

They will be taken by other people, or worse: domain squatters purchase popular domain names with the intent to resell them back to users for thousands of dollars.

Just in case you had a name you are thinking about buying from these people, don’t do it!

The domain name will matter very little in comparison to content you are producing.  You can learn a lot about why domain names don’t matter by hunting down the perfect one for your blog.

Often you will have the perfect domain name in your head and yet it will be taken by some other blogger.  Many times if you examine the blog, you will see nothing has been posted in 6 months or more!

Despite having that killer domain, their blog obviously did not succeed.  This is a good lesson. Our domain name is and still makes us 10k per month.  It’s not even a word and very hard to pronounce!

avocadu pronunciation to show a great blog name

Everytime someone asks us what our website is, we go through that process.  They say… “Wait.. What??

But in any case, we make great money with the site, and our customers love our content.  THAT is the only thing that matters!

Your domain will not define your blog.  Your content and ability to create awesomeness WILL.

→ Lesson #2. Use a .com or .co

There are a lot of websites selling weird domain names these days.  I saw a Facebook add to buy a domains like or jimmy.eats now as a domain name.

The problem here is that even typing that out make me roll my eyes… It doesn’t look cool and trendy as much as it looks unprofessional and sloppy.

Do not fall for this little trap.

The easy way around this is to grab a “.co,: because it will have more availability than a “.com.” The trade off is that a .com will always look better than a .co.

We decided to go with a .co anyway though, because we liked the name and there will be an increase in .co names in the future anyway as the .com names continue to be taken/bought up.

Finally, has a little rhyme to it that I think people can remember.

If it didn’t have BOTH of those factors working for it, we would have grabbed a different .com.

Ok, here’s the step-by-step on how to…

Get your domain name in less than 30 minutes!

For all of you preferred video learners out there, here is a quick video on this topic from our Youtube Channel, Blog and Go, below.

For more free blogging tips and tricks from the experts, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Step #1. Gather a list of random words related to your niche.

Going back to our parenting example used in the niche selection article, we start by gathering a list of words related to our main topic (our broad blog focus):

Parenting. Parents. Kids. Children. Parenting Tips. Raising Kids. Home.

Step #2. We now run these words through and gather even more words and ideas.

Produce. Mother. Guardian. Folks. Creator. Source. Boy. Girl. Adolescent. Youngster. Offspring. Household.

Step #3. Now think of some slang words as well for fun.

Kiddos. Rents. Parental Units. Parent Trap. Casa.

Step #4. Add in your name to the mix and some nouns for what you do.

Kim. Kimmy. Cook. Clean. Teach. Love. Nurture. Help. Guide.

Step #5. Grab some descriptive words from this list that describe you or your future blog!

Beautiful. Friendly. Maternal. Passionate. Resourceful.

Step #6. Finally, get creative and make a few of your own words.

Parentized. Momzilla. Mommiest. Hommier.

Step #7. Now it’s as easy as putting a few words together and trying out the domain to see if it’s available.

Don’t get discouraged as it may take a few tries!

Once you find a few that you like, try them in the Bluehost domain lookup tool to see if it’s available:

Once you have the domain name, you are ready to go!!!

You can either sign up for Bluehost here (special discount for our readers!) or use our blog post on how to start a successful blog.

Additional Topics and Resources:

If you have any comments or questions for us on this article about how to come up with a great blog name, please leave them in the comment section below!

Now go out and create something awesome today!

Alex & Lauren
Co-Founders, Create and Go
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