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Niche Blog Ideas – 3 Steps to the Perfect Blog Niche

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This is going to be yet another post in our series on How to Start a Profitable Blog and it’s all about niche blog ideas to help you find your blogging niche!

Niche Blog Ideas to Find Your Blogging Niche - 3 Steps to Selecting the Perfect Niche for Your Blog | Createandgo.coWe’re going to show you the 3 common mistakes people make when finding their niche and 3 easy steps to getting started!

For those of you that don’t know, Lauren and I started blogging around 11 months ago and now earn 10k + per month blogging.

Oh and don’t worry, it’s in a topic unrelated to blogging.

We didn’t start out making money online by teaching other people how to make money online, and we don’t JUST blog about blogging.

We teach from the standpoint of our other blog in the health and fitness niche,

The goal of this article is to be a basic and easy formula to select a topic for your blog. It aims to give you the confidence to blog about what you want to blog about and an overview of selecting topics and sub topics.

Let’s get to it!

Niche Blog Ideas

3 Big Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make

Mistake #1. Soul searching for your “passion.”

This may go against a lot of what you hear out there, but here’s the rub, peeps:

I am not against using something you are passionate about or enjoy for your blog. You totally should…

However, I am strongly against doing some sort of soul searching or internal journey to “find” your passion for blogging.

The stars don’t have your answers.  soul searching for niche blog ideas in the stars


Because the science and societal examples alike have clearly shown us:

Passions are not found. They are developed.

Nobody is born with a passion. They develop it from trying lots of things and discovering what they are good at and what they like to do.

The big mistake here is starting a blog based on some “passion” you have built up in your head and not using a skill you already have.

Don’t worry though… If you don’t feel like you have a real “passion,” developing your passion with your blog is easy over time! 

We will walk you through the easy process in the step-by-step instructions below.

Mistake #2. Starting out in niche you know nothing about just because it’s profitable.

This is a mistake.

If you are blogging about something you don’t know or actually enjoy, it will show in your writing.

This is also a quick and easy way to break trust with the people you’re talking to.  Besides, there are plenty of people making awesome money in other niches.

  • Avocadu makes $20k + a month in health and fitness.
  • Doug the Pug makes $100,000k per month selling pug products. pug example of profitable niche blog ideas
  • Survival Life makes $1,000,000+ per month in the survival space.
  • DIY Ready makes $100,000 per month in DIY.

The key here is to not select a topic you don’t enjoy just because that’s what people do to make money.  Have the confidence that there are examples in almost ANY NICHE of people making money.

Mistake #3. Avoiding competition.

You want to know a little blogging secret most people miss? Competition is a good thing.  In fact, it’s a REALLY good thing.  Why?

Because people are making money there!  Otherwise, the niche wouldn’t exist or be so large!

We have a fast weight loss product that makes us TONS of money every month. You know who else is selling a weight loss product?

Like 99% of people on the internet.

Ok, not 99%, but it’s a &$%^ ton of people.  Almost everyone in the health and fitness space has some sort of weight loss product.  The reason for this is because it makes money.

Lauren and I just decided that instead of trying to be crazy different, let’s make a weight loss product/blog and make it so kick ass that people can’t help but try it.  

That’s exactly what we did.  It’s why people say things like this about our products:

avocadu weight loss testimonial

You don’t have to be dumbly creative to be successful online, just do things a little differently or a little better than those around you.

If you focus your effort more on helping people and less about being super original or crazy, it will show. People can see your intentions and don’t mind being sold to if it’s done in the right way!

So now that you know what not to do, let’s move on to actually finding your blogging niche: 

For all of you preferred video learners out there, here is a quick video on this topic from our Youtube Channel, Blog and Go, below.

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3 Simple Steps to Finding an Amazing Niche for Your Blog

Step #1. What topic do you have trouble shutting up about?

A blog is a long conversation.  Don’t think of it as anything more complex than that.

It’s a conversation with a reader/readers and a writer that can extend over many months and even years.  Thus, exactly why Lauren and I started out writing about health and fitness.

I was a former personal trainer, and she was a former vegan who loved running.  Health and fitness was a topic we would not shut up about and one that we discussed for hours.

So when we started out, the only topic that made any sense for us to be in was health and fitness!  This is also what to led to the creation of Create and Go.

Lauren has to constantly tell me to shut up and stop talking about business all the time.

shutup ecard

I can’t help it. I effin LOVE talking about making money, business strategies, and helping people make more money online with a blog/website.

In my mind, the beauty of the internet age is the ability to free up your time and create an income online! It’s AMAZING.

Thus, Create and Go was born.

We all have SOMETHING in our lives that we can’t shut up about.

Whether it’s parenting, dogs, politics, or whatever, the topic you talk about is what you should be blogging about!

Do not overcomplicate this and violate mistake #1 by soul searching too much. Talk about what you like to talk about.

Step #2. Start with a big topic and work down to 3-5 sub topics you’re interested in.

The big niche/topic of Avocadu is Healthy Living, but the subniche or subtopic focuses are what makes the blog money.

Lauren and I tried quite a few subtopics about health and fitness when starting Avocadu:

  • Recipes
  • Workouts
  • Flat stomach secrets
  • Yoga
  • General weight loss
  • Detoxing and cleansing
  • Product reviews
  • Cellulite
  • Diabetes

We started with too many.  Starting with 3-5 is ideal at the beginning.

We didn’t do this on purpose, but it was just a lucky accident from wanting to try everything that was popular on Pinterest to get traffic to our website.

A good blog will cover a few topics all centered around a main topic.  So in the healthy living category, we write many articles, but most of them center around the niches “Yoga” and “Weight Loss.”

Even more specifically, we make most of our money in the subniches, “Yoga to lose weight” and “Fast weight loss“.

Just for sake of another example, let’s use this blog. Create and Go is about helping people make money with a blog/website.

Our current subtopics include:

Starting your first blog:

Driving traffic to your blog:

Actually making money from your blog:

That is EXACTLY how a good blog is set up.  One big topic and a few sub topics based on things people actually want and need.

Step #3. Narrow down the sub niche or sub topics based on what people are responding to and what you’re enjoying writing about.

When we started Avocadu, if you told me it would end up being about yoga, I would have laughed at you.

Other than a college yoga class, I didn’t know much about it other than that it was a great way to workout and was relaxing to me. However, our blog decided our fate.

Because we were posting about a variety of sub topics in our niche, we could easily tell what people were responding to and what they were not a fan of.

People LOVED our yoga content.  It accounted for 80% + of our traffic those first few few months of blogging.

This led to us doing more yoga ourselves, doing more research into yoga, becoming a very knowledgeable source on yoga, loving yoga, and finally creating our own yoga product.

Lauren even started a pretty large Instagram account of her yoga journey @laurenmacyoga.

My point here is that once you are blogging about a few subtopics, let your readers and desires decide what content to produce.

Overthinking about this stuff is the enemy.  Your job is to only create awesomeness!

Example: If you enjoy talking about parenting and techniques for raising a well-adjusted kiddo, that’s perfect.

Topic: Parenting

  • Subtopic #1. Managing Time and Activities
  • Subtopic #2. Summer Strategies
  • Subtopic #3. Health Family Cooking Made Easy
  • Subtopic #4. Help Your Kids Get Better Grades
  • Subtopic #5. Family Time and Bonding Ideas

This isn’t hard! It’s not difficult to find a topic/niche for your blog and I hope you can see that now!


What you should NOT be doing:

  • Mistake #1. Soul searching. Don’t hunt down a passion, your passion will find you.
  • Mistake #2. Selecting a niche you don’t really know anything about or enjoy
  • Mistake #3. Avoiding competition

What you SHOULD be doing:

  • Step #1. Select a topic you enjoy talking about
  • Step #2. Work out 5 sub topics you can talk about related to that subject
  • Step #3. Once you have begun blogging, let your audience/enjoyment decide on your sub topics or sub niches.

Additional Resources:

If you enjoyed this article on niche blog ideas or have any questions for us, please leave them in the comments section below!

Create something awesome today!

Alex & Lauren
Co-Founders, C&G
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