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Clickfunnels Review 2016 – $66,563 With it On Our Blog

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You may be thinking that this is going to be some sort of PR message about how much I love Clickfunnels based on the title of the article…  We have a love – hate relationship with this software provider, but this honest Clickfunnels review will help you decide if this software is right for you.

How We Made $44,563 So Far This Year on Our Blog with Clickfunnels | Createandgo.coThis article is going to be the compliment sandwich of articles, if you will.

We are first going to talk about some good things about Clickfunnels.

Then we are going to talk about some very annoying things about Clickfunnels.

Finally, we’ll end with some final good things and closing thoughts about using Clickfunnels for your business.

It’s going to be an interesting review if nothing else…

So let’s start with some proof…

Here’s a snapshot of our earnings so far this year from using Clickfunnels as our sales page provider:

stripe yearly earnings

Note that this is not including our Paypal sales for this year on our blog.

That’s over $65,000 in less than 10 months using Clickfunnels!

So while we’re on such a positive note, let’s start with some good things we like about Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Review 2016

Best aspects of Clickfunnels:

#1. Most powerful webpage builder I have ever used.

I may look young, but I have been around the block as far as internet marketing is concerned.

Some of the drag and drop sales page and landing page software I have tried extensively and used include:

• Leadpages
• WordPress
• Thrive Themes
• Unbounce
• Fusionbuilder
• Optimize Press
• Cornerstone
• Infusionsoft
• Probably more I am forgetting

I have used them all and can tell you one thing about Clickfunnels that I am 100% sure of:

It is the best drag and drop webpage design and sales software on the market today.

I take pride in making my sales pages look exactly how I want them to look. I don’t like software that limits my creative process or won’t let me do the things I need it to do.

Clickfunnels is the only software yet to date truly allowing creators complete control over the style of their pages.  You can watch my video review above for a live demonstration.

For all of you preferred video learners out there, here is a quick video on this topic from our Youtube Channel, Blog and Go, below.

For more free blogging tips and tricks from the experts, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

#2. Integration with financial institutions and delivery of products is seamless.

Most of the softwares and pages I listed above are just one step of the puzzle.

Meaning that when someone clicks the “buy now” button, they have to be taken to another separate software for the delivery of products and purchasing.

Not with Clickfunnels.

Everything is set up and ready to go.

I remember after we set up the first product with Stripe thinking “Was it really that easy??” I felt like there was something and triple checked everything only to find out everything was already good to go.

The power of this is incredible to someone who actually creates shit for a living.

I don’t have time to be fiddling with software all day. I’ve got articles to write, videos to record, and awesomeness to create.

#3. Upsells are easy too.

If you don’t know what an upsell is yet, it’s simply an offer you give someone after purchasing to “upgrade” their order with something else.

It works incredibly well, because their credit card has already been entered and all they have to do is hit “yes” or “no” to upgrade their cart.

Here’s an example of ours:

product upsell example clickfunnels

After buying our program, our customers get an opportunity to buy a recipe book as well at a discounted price.

Again, Clickfunnels saves the day by making this process effortless to the user.

It’s a drag and drop process for us and easy to remove or change if we decide to go in a different direction.

#4. The pages and templates provided are CLEAN.

Both the pages and templates provided that are pre-built look awesome.

They are easy to plug and play with. If you don’t like design, then really all you do is have to plug in a few images, insert some text, and you’re ready to go.

#5. It’s a great way to collect emails as well.

You can also create separate pages just to collect emails. This is how we collected a big chunk of our 32,000 subscriber and growing email list.

Here’s an example of one of the pages we created using Clickfunnels:

clickfunnels email optin

Here is a link to see the page for yourself (opens in a new window).

Since we use Pinterest to drive traffic, we just pin this page directly and collect emails by the DROVES.

#6. It has a lot of integrations.

Whatever email service you use (we love Active Campaign) or sales page you like, Clickfunnels likely has an integration for it.

clickfunnels integrations

That being said, the next part of this review is very important.

It ain’t been all sunshine and roses with Clickfunnels…

At this point, most people will be thinking “Geez Alex, you just raved about Clickfunnels for like 10 minutes of my life…”

What could you possibly not like about it?

A bunch of stuff.

Let’s move on to the negatives in this Clickfunnels review.

Here is an honest look at the negatives of Clickfunnels.

#1. Constant pestering to buy even more expensive software and programs.

Clickfunnels comes with quite a price tag – $97 per month.

That’s fine to me, because the software is well worth that price.

What’s not as fine is the constant push to join other webinars, coaching, and tools for my business.

Listen, I am in sales and have no problem with selling and upsells.  My issue here is that it can get annoying paying $97 for a product and then almost immediately getting pitched a $1,000 training course or whatever.

While I’m sure that make a crap ton of money doing this and don’t give a flying ____ what I think, it’s kind of a bummer to watch.


Because this constant upselling process has also led to something else…

#2. Software gets updated at a snail’s pace.

There have been a few problems we have had with the Clickfunnels plugin on WordPress and other random things.

There also doesn’t usually seem to be any sort of urgency to fix the issues.

Yeah they do get fixed eventually and they do update things occasionally, but it feels like it takes them a long time.

When part of your business focus is on selling a high-priced course to current customers ($1,000 training here, $15,000 masterclass there), it’s probably pretty hard to pay attention to the regular old me who just wants to pay his $97 to use the software.

It’s just part of it I guess, and it’s something you need to be aware of as a potential customer.

Because all of these problems really center around one thing…

#3. Customer service is poor.

It can take well over 1 business day to hear back from the customer support staff.

waiting for clickfunnels meme

And to be frank, they come across as arrogant and rude. They seem to have a sort of a “how dare you bother me with this petty problem” kind or attitude.

I think on some fundamental level, the people at Clickfunnels know how good their software is and they allow some of the other details to slip because of this.

I myself am a “figure it out” kind of person.  If stuff ain’t working, I’m going to figure out the solution myself.

Which brings me to a very important point:

If you are a person who needs a lot of handholding and personalized help with things, this software is not going to be right for you.

Your questions are not going to be answered in a timely enough fashion for you to get done what you need to get done.

That being said, if you feel pretty confident in your ability to figure things out and “roll with the punches,” you will find Clickfunnels to be a great software with tons of potential for your business.

Despite these fairly large negatives, it’s still the BEST software at what it’s been designed to do.

Without a doubt in my mind, if you’re looking for a way to create amazing sales pages, upsell flows, collect emails, or just have a standalone website, Clickfunnels is a godsend.

Let’s get back to the final side of the compliment sandwich and the final section in this Clickfunnels review.

Some additional positives about Clickfunnels:

#1. It’s easy to use and understand.

They provide a free training inside of the software that will walk you through the basics and get a feel for things.

clickfunnels free training

It’s important to utilize this, because the hardest part about new software is those first few days of figuring the basics out.

#2. It’s powerful, with plenty of capabilities depending on what you want to do.

• Collect emails
• Start a membership site
• Sell a course
• Launch a product
• Make a killer sales page
• Host a webinar
• Much more

These can all be done with Clickfunnels.

#3. You can start collecting money TODAY from your audience.

If you have a list and a product, you could start making money from it today.

Even if you’re selling coaching, the process is really not that difficult to understand, and you could probably (depending on your traffic) squeeze out a good ROI on your first month with Clickfunnels with the free 14-day trial.

#4. It comes with a 14-Day Free Trial.

It’s a “what do you have to lose” scenario where you can explore and use the software for 14 days before paying a dime.

clickfunnels free trial

I will disclose that we do get a small commission if you sign up with the link provided on our page.  It helps finance our blog and the free content that we share.

So if you get the software today from our link, I will go ahead and give you 2 special gifts to get started…

I want to encourage you to sign up with us today or come back to THIS PAGE and sign up in the future. So if you sign up for the Clickfunnels free trial, we’re going to give you:

Video training #1. Creating an Effective Sales Page – 8 Steps to A Killer Sales Page That Converts

This video training will teach you the exact steps we take to write and create sales pages that converts both warm and cold traffic into buyers.

It’s the step-by-step process that was taught to me by some of the world’s best copywriters…

Video training #2. Creating a Captivating Email Opt-In

Our opt in pages regularly get 20% of people to convert! I will walk you through the exact steps we take to creating own opt ins that coverts at 20% or higher!

How do you get these free trainings with signing up for Clickfunnels?


Step #1. Get your free trial using ANY link of this page.

Get Your FREE 14-Day Trial of Clickfunnels.

Step #2. Email our customer support staff with proof of purchase (receipt or screenshot):

Step #3. We will promptly email you back with the links to your free training!

That’s it!

Go ahead, grab your free 14 day trial, and get started with Clickfunnels today!

If you have any comments or questions related to this Clickfunnels Review article, please leave them for us in the comment section below!

Now go out and create something awesome today!

Alex & Lauren
Co-Founders, Create and Go
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