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Can Blogs Make Money Without Blogging about Blogging?

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Hey my fellow bloggers! Today we’re going to cover the topic of whether you can actually make money without blogging about blogging.

Can Blogs Make Money Without Blogging About Blogging? | Createandgo.coThat’s a mouthful, right?

Blogging about blogging…

Launching about launching…

Webinars about webinars…

What in the world is going on here?

Is anyone actually making money online who is not using the tactics listed above?

Is there anyone blogging about their passion and making an income in a separate niche?

Are you actually an expert or do you just pretend to be?  Is there really any experience behind all of this mumbo jumbo?

What if you are in a different niche?

Can Blogs Make Money Without Blogging about Blogging?


We do it every day.

We make the majority of our current income right now from our health and fitness blog,, and have made over $40,000 in a month (avg is currently about $20,000+/m) selling information products.

Let’s go into some of the common questions you probably have:

Can you make more money blogging about blogging than in other niches?

Here is some honestly that’s going to be a tough pill to swallow:



How do I know?

Create and Go right now has virtually no traffic compared to Avocadu and is doing pretty well. If we put the same traffic on this website, and I did some webinars to launch some ridiculously high-priced products, it would be gangbusters.

However, that’s just not me or what I want to do at this time (or probably ever).

My goal here is to be 100% honest with you about this and not feed you anymore crap.

Let’s look at another example: The Original MMO Blogger – Pat Flynn.

Now, I just want to put something out there right now… I love Pat and think he does an AMAZING job with his audience and content.

That being said, I remember about 2+ years ago when Pat started a separate blog called and was going to make money in this hot new niche.

He put a lot of time into with constant updates, courses, and articles.  Want to know how much money he earned last month from

$2,820 dollars.

Keep in mind, Pat made a total of $167,314.31 last month…

How much money came from blogging about blogging?

95%+ of his total income…

His total income from his other niche sites ($6,612.81) is virtually non-existent compared to the money he makes teach people how to start a business and start a blog.

It’s that scenario, which came first… The chicken or the egg?

chicken before the egg scenario to illustrate blogging about blogging

He advertises the total income on his homepage and sells the dream, but his niche sites really aren’t all that successful when compared to his blog about blogging.

Again, no hate to Pat, just pointing out the incredibly obvious and sometimes painful truth.

There’s more money to be had teaching people how to make money online. It’s just the truth.

Why is blogging about blogging so effective to make money?

Basic consumer psychology.

Getting someone to buy a product for $197 is 10x easier when you’re convincing them they are going to make thousands of dollars in return after using it.

The justification in the brain is as follows: “Oh, well this is expensive, but I’m going to make that money right back!”

Compare this to what we do every day at Avocadu…

We have to convince customers that paying $47 is worth the transformation they will see from our products.

Because people on average try 4-5 diets per year, our audience is some of the most skeptical buyers OF ANY INDUSTRY, and our job is to convince them to spend their money with us based on feeling better about themselves.

To quote the late David Foster Wallace: “That’s a whole different kettle of fish.”

This is not to toot our own horn as there are other factors are at play, but do you see what’s going on here peeps?

Convincing someone to sign up to become a master knitter could not be more different than convincing someone to sign up for a course where they think they will make their money back.


Tough love, right?

So should I start blogging about blogging?

Hell to the no, homie!  And you should never blog about any topics unless you have the experience and really know what you’re talking about.

It’s dishonest at best.

Lauren and I are living and breathing proof that you can do this in any niche (including your passion)!

We started this blog merely based on the fact that I (Alex) fudging love talking about blogging and business.

I could literally talk about it all day every day to the point where Lauren just tells me to shut up (And I, Lauren, agree wholeheartedly as I am proofreading this!).

I write 2,000 word posts almost every other day on the subject…  It’s my passion through and through.

Plus, I made sure we were achieving the kind of success others would want BEFORE starting Create and Go.

You next thought may be…

You got some proof of income there, tough guy?

You got it!  Check out a few of our income reports for exact details:

  • Our best income report this year was from July 2016, and it will give you a lot of insight as to WHY that month was so much higher.
  • Our most recent at the time of this writing this article: August 2016 and September 2016

How exactly do you do it?

eBooks and online programs.

Well, we just added a video course to our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, but we made $103,000 our first year just from ebooks and some affiliate products (which were a tiny chunk compared to the sales of our own products).

I’m not some Dark Knight Blogging hero folks…

You may be thinking: “He’s the Hero We Need!”

Hold up blog family. I’m not some saint.

I am building this blog knowing full well that there’s a lot of money to be made in this niche. Don’t think I am trying to pull a fast one over you! 😉

I AM aligning my passion with my business though!

That being said, we can teach you some awesome things.  Lauren and I can teach you how to make a fantastic income and life from a blog that’s not just about teaching others how to blog.

And I truly feel like I can teach you better than someone who make 80% of their revenue on Bluehost and MMO products. 😉

Working hard in Bali 😝

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That’s a photo of me working in Bali…

You can blog about yoga, or kites, or shoes (whatever you’re into) to make an amazing income and live life on your terms.

I truly believe that.

Check out our post on niche blog ideas for some tips on how to get started.

Additional Resources and Topics:

Create something awesome today!

Alex Nerney
Create and Go
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P.S. Feel free to ask me more questions and let me know your honest thoughts in the comments section.

I know this post may ruffle some feathers, but I really think hearing this is going to help some of you.

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