Blog Income Report October 2016 – $18,966.97 Blogging

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Hey blogging family! Welcome to our blog income report October 2016 for our health and fitness blog,

How we made $18,997 in one month blogging in our Blog Income Report October 2016 | Createandgo.coFor those new to seeing these income reports, they may come across as a little strange. For those of you who understand the deal-io, you can skip past this brief explanation to the “Show me the money!” section.

There are lots of folks out there talking about making money online.

I can’t get through my Facebook news feed these days without seeing an advertisement of some rando with a big cheesy smile talking about their life changing webinar…

LOTS of people running around calling themselves gurus and influencers.

Even worse and more confusing, there are lots of blogging “experts” that only make money blogging about making money blogging.

The sad truth about some of these “experts” is that they didn’t make money online until they began to teach other people how to make money online…

Which is pretty unhelpful if you have a blog on an unrelated topic.

Just so you know, the blog that we took from $0 all the way up to 10k+ per month in less than a year is in the health and wellness niche:

We found great success (and a lot of failures along the way) in that blog BEFORE we started this one.  Our income reports are solely based on Avocadu’s performance.

They are not only a way for us to inspire you and show you the potential of making money online and how to make money blogging, but it’s a way for us to connect with you and help you avoid the many mistakes we made on our own journey.

We know that it’s pretty strange having our friends, family, and loved ones knowing how much money we make, but that’s the tradeoff we choose for the transparency this provides.

We hope this goes to help you better understand why we post these reports! 😛

Show me the money!

Blog Income Report October 2016 – $18,966.97 Blogging


(From authority website:

  • Products Sold (net of credit card fees): $18,125
  • Affiliate Products: $842

Total: $18,967

  • Credit Card Processing Fees (on products sold): $712
  • Website: $1,176
  • ClickFunnels: $97 (See our full review on this product)
  • ActiveCampaign (Emails): $225 (*We now use and recommend Convertkit!)
  • Hosting + Domain (Bluehost): $97 (Note: This includes VPS service.)
  • Shutterstock (Stock Photos): $169
  • Subscriptions: $229
  • Advertising (Pin Scheduler) :$12 (Viraltag – Update* We now use Tailwind)
  • Analytics (Tailwind for Pinterest): $15
  • Office and Other: $420

Total: $2,523


Proof of Income and Traffic 


stripe sales blog income report october 2016


paypal sales blog income report 2016


amazon affiliate sales blog income report october 2016


avocadu traffic blog income report october 2016

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One word to describe this month: 


For all of you preferred video learners out there, here is a quick video on this income report from our Youtube Channel, Blog and Go, below.

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What happened?

Long story short, we decided to go to Bali for the month…

Not Kidding.


This photo was taken of us hanging with the Wifi Tribe in the rice fields!

We stayed at for the majority of the trip, and it was nothing less than spectacular. The rest of the photos you’ll see here were from our trip.

Latte Conversations


These are the best lattes Lauren or I have ever had found at The Alchemy in Bali if you ever visit…

More importantly, over a long talk with these yummy lattes in our bellies, Lauren and I had a few realizations…

  1.  We had been neglecting for both Create and Go and The Health Nerd
  2. Our health needed to come FIRST before our blog.
  3. Growing a business while traveling across the world is basically impossible.

Let’s tackle these one by one shall we??

1. We had been neglecting Avocadu.

Running 3 separate business can sometimes feel a lot like trying to juggle knives on a unicycle.

It’s crazy, hectic, and always feels like one move away from disaster in spectacular fashion.

One of the biggest problems we face is the tunnel vision of project completion and forgetting about the details.  Over those lattes, Lauren and I decided it was time to turn our attention back to Avocadu and make some big changes.

Two of the biggest changes:

  • Complete overhaul of to take things to the next level. Seriously, the site redesign already looks AMAZING. It’s mid-December when I am writing this, but the blog should be done very soon. Time to compete with the big boys!
  • Redo our sales pages and add video training to the 21-Day Challenge. We took care of most of this in Bali and already added in video trainings before we left. Next up we are also going to add a professionally done sales page video to our 21-Day Challenge that I’m sure will boost conversions. We even hired a female voice actor to do the recording instead of my voice since we mostly sell to women.

These major overhauls in particular are going to set us up for an amazing 2017.

2. Our health needs to come FIRST before our blog.

Being unhealthy in Bali is basically impossible. Everything is fresh, eating out is healthy and cheap, and alcohol is EXPENSIVE.

Like $100 for a small bottle of Grey Goose expensive…

The entire experience reconnected Lauren and I with our passion for health and wellness. I know that may sound strange, but the stress of running a blog, even a fitness blog, was actually hurting our health for awhile.

Mainly the stress was leading to high amounts of binge eating and drinking.  We didn’t take breaks often, but when we did… We’d go ham.

Thankfully, Bali helped us get back on track. We have decided to put our health IN FRONT of our blogs at the moment.

  • No more late nights in front of the computer until the wee hours of the morning.
  • Workouts will no longer get put on the backburner for projects.
  • Junk food and sugar will NOT be used to celebrate victories.

We have decided to take things to the next level.

Plus, the crazy part about putting health FIRST is that it actually has improved our personal performance and productivity…

  • More energy and enthusiasm to create
  • Higher quality sleep is leading to us waking up earlier and getting more done.
  • Just a happier sense of wellbeing and purpose

Listen, it’s not like Lauren and I are crazy unhealthy or anything. We just felt like a lot of times we knew what to do, but couldn’t overcome those cravings and temptations we all feel.

No more! 🙂

3. Actively growing a business while traveling across the world is basically impossible.

michael scott growing a business is hard

Image courtesy of

Here’s the thing:

Growing a successful business is hard. Growing 3 successful businesses is harder, and growing 3 successful businesses and traveling the world is damn near impossible.

That’s just the facts.  I know that’s not sexy to say, but growing these businesses and traveling on a tight budget was KILLING us.

There is a big difference between running a business and actively growing it.

Lauren and I can easily run our businesses from anywhere, but actively growing the businesses is a much different ballgame.

Especially when the travel budget is tight (Yes, we make good money, but we are not dummies with that money. We are saving and investing for the future).

For instance, it took us 36 hours and 2 long layovers just to get to Bali on a cheap airline.  That’s a lot of added stress and time away from our blogs to be cool travel bloggers.

So here’s what we decided:

We decided to settle back down in the States for a little while and focus on growing the businesses.

Once our blogs are at a place of serious financial stability (probably mid 2017), we will then travel whenever we’d like without the added stress of trying to grow the business as fast as possible.

We will just focus on running the blogs at their current success and not trying to build our eCourses in Indonesia on bad wifi.

We are not done traveling or anything like that – just going to make sure we are traveling on our terms the next time we do it!

3 Big Takeaways from our October Income Report :

  • Put your health before your business.  It will very likely improve your business.
  • Keep the main thing the main thing.  Keep focused, folks.
  • Active (successful) growth requires enormous effort. Much different from simply running a business is actively growing it. There’s a time for everything and our time to grow is NOW. 

Final thought:

Winter is coming…

winter is coming meme

Health and fitness traffic takes an incredible drop during the holidays (Nov-Dec) followed by an even more voracious PEAK during the month of January.

We have prepared for this both mentally and professional to handle the blow.

So just keep this in mind when the income reports for November and December tank. 🙁

Everything is fine.  It’s just a natural (and expected) part of running a health and fitness blog!

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