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Blog Income Report November 2016 – $12,129.25 Blogging

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Hey blogging family! Welcome to our Blog Income Report November 2016 for our health and fitness blog,

Blog Income Report November 2016 - $12,129 Blogging | Createandgo.coFor those new to seeing these income reports, they may come across as a little strange.

For those of you who understand the deal-io, you can skip past this brief explanation to the Show me the money! section.

There are lots of folks out there talking about making money online.

I can’t get through my Facebook news feed these days without seeing an advertisement of some rando with a big cheesy smile talking about their life changing webinar…

LOTS of people running around calling themselves gurus and influencers.

Even worse and more confusing, there are lots of blogging “experts” that only make money blogging about making money blogging.

The sad truth about some of these “experts” is that they didn’t make money online until they began to teach other people how to make money online…

Which is pretty unhelpful if you have a blog on an unrelated topic.

Just so you know, the blog that we took from $0 all the way up to 10k+ per month in less than a year is in the health and wellness niche:

We found great success (and a lot of failures along the way) in that blog BEFORE we started this one.  Our income reports are solely based on Avocadu’s performance.

They are not only a way for us to inspire you and show you the potential of making money online and how to make money blogging, but it’s a way for us to connect with you and help you avoid the many mistakes we made on our own journey.

We know that it’s pretty strange having our friends, family, and loved ones knowing how much money we make, but that’s the tradeoff we choose for the transparency this provides.

We hope this goes to help you better understand why we post these reports! 😛

Show me the money!

Blog Income Report November 2016 – 12,129.95 Blogging


(From authority website:

  • Products Sold (net of credit card fees): $11,483
  • Affiliate Products: $646

Total: $12,129

  • Credit Card Processing Fees (on products sold): $447
  • Website: $1,1915
  • ClickFunnels: $97 (See our full review on this product)
  • Convertkit (Emails): $196
  • Hosting + Domain (Bluehost): $97 (Note: This includes VPS service.)
  • Shutterstock (Stock Photos): $169
  • Subscriptions: $263
  • Advertising (Pin Scheduler) :$12 (Viraltag – Update* We now use Tailwind)
  • Analytics (Tailwind for Pinterest): $15
  • Office and Other: $325

Total: $3,536


Proof of Income and Traffic 

stripe sales blog income report november 2016
paypal sales blog income report november 2016
amazon sales blog income report november 2016

avocadu traffic blog income report november 2016

If you would like to learn how we generate this kind of traffic to our blog every month, you can check out our Pinterest eCourse to see how: Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche.

One word to describe this month:


Here’s what happened:

winter is coming meme


It’s true friends, winter has arrived and a very expected and predictable drop in income has come with it.

Last month we earned close to $19,000, and this month we are down to just above the $12k mark.  I’m writing this a little late, and I’ll give you a little heads up that December will be even worse.

Time to bring our resumes back from the dead, right?  No more blogging fantasy for us!

Yeah right! 😉

This is exactly what happens every year in the health and wellness industry. More predictable than clock work is the rise and fall of our industry throughout the year.

To give you an idea of JUST HOW PREDICTABLE this is, let’s look at an example of google searches for Greek yogurt (a popular health and weight loss food) over the years:

google trends for health and fitness

As you can see, even the yogurt companies can feel the effects. There is a huge downturn in November and December followed by a large spike in January.

Here’s the thing homies… Lauren and I knew about this going into it, and we were ready.

And guess what?

December is going to be even worse. Probably our lowest month in a long, long time.

So don’t fear friends, blogging isn’t dead. These results are just because of the cyclical nature of the health industry as a whole.

There’s actually something more interesting to discuss today…

Launching an eCommerce Store is a Pain in the Ass

One of the biggest reasons why we choose to sell information products is that we could avoid the headaches of physical products, including:

  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Margins

Just to name a few…

Lauren and I like that for every 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge we sell, we keep about 93% of the revenue (credit card transaction fees for Stripe and Paypal fees account for the other 7%).

And if you’re new to making money online, starting with digital products is a good idea.

However, there is a reason why eCommerce stores and companies like Amazon are so popular. With the right brand and traffic, you can make an absolute killing.

People love physical products, because it gives them something they can hold and use!

As many of you know, we wanted to start off by making our own whey protein powder. It was a great idea, because whey protein is so popular and is also recommended and used in our programs.

And today, I want to let you know that the idea failed.

Why we dropped our initial protein powder supplement idea…

Financially, it made no sense.

After adding all the costs, shipping, manufacturing, and everything else, we were going to only make around $3 for every canister sold.

Not. Gonna. Cut it.

We also needed a separate company to ship our products, and we didn’t want to start out with a minimum order of 1,000 canisters in case no one purchased!

As health and fitness nuts, we love our protein powder, but not THAT much!

And because I didn’t want to compromise my soul by selling some mystery protein powder made in Pakistan, the answer was a firm no.

This is just what happens as a blogger and a business owner. Sometimes truly great ideas don’t make any financial sense, and you have to cut them for the reality of the numbers. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though…

We’ve decided on next physical product!

One of the more trending and interesting topics in the health and wellness space is gut health.

People are starting to learn more about the gut microbiome and how it plays an INSANELY important role in your health. This trend is leading to more people interested in healing leaky gut, fixing their digestion, and probiotics.

Probiotics, compared to whey protein make a lot more sense financially…

Less shipping and storage costs, easier to make a high quality product, and MUCH BETTER profit margins.

Soooooo we jumped on it, because it is also a product that is highly recommended and used in our fat loss program already.

In fact, we already have the designed the logo (or Lauren’s brother did, to be fair)!  Avocadu Probiotics Supplement

Looks pretty sexy, right???

We are going to have everything up and running before the new year. It’s been an awesome learning experience and I have to tell you…

*Update: We have launched our first physical product! Check out our probiotic supplement at our Avocadu Shop!

The Barrier to Quality eCommerce is Higher Than I Imagined 

For real though, it’s been tough.

I even had to contract my sister to help out with a lot of the work, because Lauren and I just had too much on our plate already. Shout out to Beth Nerney! 🙂

The big lesson the past few months have taught me:

  • eCommerce is hard to break into if you’re going to have a quality product.
  • That’s probably a really, really good thing.

We had all sorts of options for making the probiotic in China and using fillers to lower the cost of production.

This also led me to discover that most of the supplements you buy from Amazon are also sourced this way and are complete garbage (despite the bogus 4.5/5 star rating).

Eff. That.

And a big middle finger from us at Avocadu to the people who do that.  It’s wrong and unethical.

Thankfully, after a lot of searching, we found a manufacturer that produces in the US of A, has no fillers, and is very high quality.

Yeah, starting an eComm store with a quality product has been quite a few headaches, but my intuition tells me that there is a reason for that.

We’ve made this same “high barrier to entry” discovery just recently on Youtube as well:

We’ve been seeing insanely high-conversions from our small Youtube Channel, Blog and Go.

I suspect the reason is because getting your face on camera and producing good quality videos has a HUGE barrier to entry.

It’s intimidating, difficult, and virtually NO bloggers do it. And because not a lot of people do it, the conversions are astronomically high.

We saw the same thing when we created our own product, the Yoga Fat Loss Bible, instead of selling an affiliate one.

We saw a HUGE rise in sales, and it one of the smartest moves we ever made.

My entrepreneur nose is sensing that ecommerce is similar.

Not a lot of people do it right, and most people never make it, because it’s incredibly hard to just start.

I’m certainly not counting any chickens just yet, but I am eager to get to testing!

The Obstacle is the Way

Almost serendipitous to this cognitive recognition of the “high barrier to entry” is that I have been listening to the audiobook, The Obstacle is the Way.

The premise is that often the thing we are afraid of most is the way to reach the goals we truly want.

I highly encourage you to read it!  I will probably include a book to read at the bottom of these income reports from now on as well.  Perhaps my best recommendation from that month.

Let’s wrap this dealio up:

  • Business is cyclical, and that’s okay. Use the downtime to your advantage to grow and prepare for the peak times.
  • Quality eCommerce is tough to start. Just something to keep in mind if looking into it in the future. It’s not an overnight deal, my friends.
  • Do the thing others are unwilling to do.

Alex Nerney
Create and Go
Alex Nerney Signature Create and Go


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