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Blog Income Report August 2016 – $24,098 Blogging

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For those new to seeing these income reports, they may come across as a little strange. For those of you who understand the deal-io, you can skip past this brief explanation to the Blog Income Report August 2016.

Blog Income Report August 2016 - $24,098 Blogging | Createandgo.coThere are lots of folks out there talking about making money online.

Lots of people running around calling themselves gurus and influencers.

Even worse and more confusing, there are lots of blogging “experts” that only make money blogging about making money blogging.

The sad truth that these experts don’t want you to know is that they didn’t make money online until they began to teach other people how to make money online…

Which is pretty unhelpful if you have a blog on an unrelated topic.

 Just so you know, the blog that we took from $0 all the way up to 10k+ per month is in the health and wellness niche:

We teach from the standpoint of our health and fitness blog and all of the successes, failures, and hard lessons we have learned along the way.

These problems are exactly why we do the income reports. It’s not only a way for us to inspire you and show you the potential of making money online, but it’s a way for us to connect with you and help you avoid the many mistakes we made on our own journey.

We know that it’s pretty strange having our friends, family, and loved ones knowing how much money we make, but that’s the tradeoff we choose for the transparency this provides.

We hope this goes to help you better understand why we post these reports.

Note: This article is an income report on how we made over $24k in one month with our blog.  If you haven’t started your own blog yet, you can make your first step by visiting our article here → How to Start a Profitable Blog

It will walk you through, step-by-step, how to get your domain, hosting, and first blog set up in no time!

Moving on…

Income proof:


Stripe Sales for Blog Income Report August 2016


Paypal Sales for Blog Income Report August 2016


Amazon Sales for Blog Income Report August 2016

(NOTE* we have some other revenue generated by other affiliate products. Although it is not large enough to be shared here. So if the numbers do not perfectly add up, that’s why).

Here are our exact financials in August: 

Blog Income Report August 2016


(From authority website:

  • Products Sold (net of credit card fees): $23,204
  • Affiliate Products: $894

Total: $24,098


Total: $2,922

NET INCOME: $21,273

Let’s rap kids…

The month of August was crazy for us.

How crazy?

Moving to Nicaragua crazy! →working remotely blogging in nicaragua

Despite this crazy move and adventure, if I had one word to describe this income report it would be:


The reason being that we knew the income and profit would be lower than our last report as our Pinterest pin came down from mega virality.

There was some concern from both Lauren and I that the dip would be really hard and sales would plummet.

Not the case.

We are still seeing a nice average of 15k+ views/day to our website and are generating a healthy amount of sales every day.

When running a blog online, once you start to make some money and headway, things can often feel too good to be true. Like you’re constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We’re not saying this is a good thing; we just want to be honest about how this feels.

The amazing thing is that we have finally gotten down a perfect system to generate loads of “passive income,” leads, and long-time customers without tons of headaches.

August Traffic: 

Traffic Views for Blog Income Report August 2016

As you can see, traffic died down a little bit since July as our Pinterest pin came down from mega virality.

This was 100% to be expected. The great news is that we still generated 548,509 views to our website in August.

This number will continue to decrease and settle into the 15k per day range as is the norm for the nature of Pinterest traffic.

If you didn’t know, the majority (almost all) of our traffic is generated from Pinterest organically and we don’t pay a dime for it.

If you would like to see how we do this, you can see how in our eCourse, Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche. We cover everything from getting set up to our most advanced tips and what we call our “Ninja Secrets.”

We even reveal our most popular pins and content.

What we did right in August:

We have really honed in on a system that works as far as generating “passive income” is concerned. Passive income is in quotations only because we choose to continue to work and grow our blog.

I firmly believe that at this point, we could run it on 4-5 hours per week and still make 10k per month from it.

Despite the craziness of moving across the country, we have still been doing the little things that correctly got us here in the first place.

#1. Producing new and interesting content for our subscribers

There’s a big pull for us at this point to ignore our responsibilities, go grab a couple beers, and walk down to the beach less than 100 yards from our house.

Here’s the thing though: we’ve still got goals we want to achieve.

We’re still new to blogging and don’t take our current success lightly.  While the future looks bright, it is not guaranteed.

#2. Sending out email updates about our new content.

Again, this is a tedious task that can easily be ignored if we are not focused. However, we learned in the month of June what ignoring email and your subscribers will do for your profits and business.

We’re not sending out complicated emails either… Just basic updates about new content and new things being produced at Avocadu.

#3. Maintaining a very high level of customer service and support

Shout out to Lauren McManus on this one! As I personally have shifted some of my focus away from this portion of work at Avocadu, Lauren has been picking up the slack.

She has taken over the customer support portion of our business, and customer satisfaction has never been higher.

Most of you don’t know, but we have a private Facebook group for people who purchase our products. We’re up to 879 members! private facebook group avocaduIt’s a terrific way of improving customer satisfaction and making refunds virtually non-existent for your business, but is also a HUGE time suck.

Lauren will spend an hour or so every day answering questions and keeping customers happy.

It is a very good idea for your own business as well to keep customers around and wanting more!

Update* It’s now up to over 1,600 members! 😉

What went wrong in August:

I think the things that may benefit you more than how awesome we are would be the dumbass mistakes we make month-to-month.

Let’s review!

#1. Too many distractions in our lives

Unfortunately, the move to Nicaragua with other entrepreneurs has been too distracting. We have enjoyed our stay with the Wifi Tribe, but the truth is that many of the people in our group are more interested in hanging out than working.

This is a catch 22.

The times we do hang out are always filled with laugher and fun. However, since most of them go and hang out doing something fun every day, the temptation to ignore work and party it up every day is too much.

We are looking into other solutions as we travel the world and will keep you in the loop!

#2.  Problems with the membership site at Avocadu

Previously, when people purchased our products, they were immediately offered an upsell of a trial for the membership to Confident, Fit, and Free at Avocadu.

We used the same model Digital Marketer and other big websites use to get memberships for their websites and properties that usually looks like this:

Avocadu membership program

The video offers them a free trial to our membership and they also get a free bonus download for joining.

The problem?

Many people don’t see or remember the membership part. They skim over it, don’t watch the video, and click “yes” before they even know what they agreed to. This is great for your bottom line, but really bad for user experience.

It only takes a few pissed emails saying “Hey, I don’t know what I have been charged 12$ per month for???” to realize something is not working.

These are lessons learned about following what the big boys are doing and not listening to our gut.

Our solution?

Nix the upsell membership program.

It may sound strange, but we have a much more fun just selling ebooks and helping people get results. Plus, we are adding in another great way to produce more income in the coming months that has a continuous purchase cycle like a membership program.

Speaking of income mistakes…

#3. Promoting bad products

We made the mistake of promoting a cellulite reduction product on a couple of our articles before buying the program. The program itself was so highly rated (or so they said), that I figured it would be fine to lightly promote to those looking to get rid of cellulite.

If I ever do this again, someone please just slap me in the face.

Quite a few people purchased the program on Clickbank, and then I noticed I got some immediate refunds. This is semi-normal for Clickbank’s digital products, but the rate was higher than I expected.

I then decided to buy the program…


The product was absolute garbage and totally not worth the cost. The workout videos were embedded to a webpage, and they were so small I could hardly see them… It was also basically some dude working out in his apartment kitchen.

I was pissed.

Not only did we promote a bad product, but we probably lost the trust of a few potential long-term customers.

We quickly took it off the page and have sworn to never trust reviews blindly EVER again.

We still highly encourage affiliate marketing when starting out your blog, but just make sure that you buy the damn product and make sure it is quality before promoting it!

Never. Again.

What’s on the horizon for us:

sailboat on the horizon

We were a little bummed about having to let the membership program go, but this has been overshadowed by a new project…

Lauren and I are big believers in supplements. We use them, love them, and swear by them to our followers.

Up until now, we have just been recommending the brands we use to our followers and making a good amount from the Amazon Affiliate program every month from those purchases. Then we got a crazy idea…

Why not make our own?

Our customers love, know, and trust our brand. Why are we recommending other supplement companies and getting pennies (only 4-7%) when people purchase?

This is the EXACT same thing we went through when we switched from selling a yoga product as an affiliate to creating our own. The only problem is that ecommerce can be very intimidating.

There are lots of moving parts, shipping/handling concerns, and other issues we will face in this new journey to monetize our blog.

However, we are 100% sure this is the next step for us and our business. Just the increased revenue from sending people to Amazon to sending people to our own products will be plenty of extra income on our bottom line.

Not to mention you can promote the products directly on Pinterest with buyable pin to your followers.

It’s gonna get crazy…

This process will probably take a few months to finish, but we will keep you updated on these reports as things move forward.

Also, videos are being added to Create and Go.

We are going to make a push to add Youtube videos to all of our Create and Go articles.

Having the option to view the content in video format or read it online will help us grow a bigger following and build more trust with our audience.

So we will be adding videos to most of the current blog posts, and many of the one’s from here on out.

You can show us some love by visiting our youtube channel, Blog and Go, and subscribing.

Create and Go articles on the rise as well.

As Avocadu grows more passive, our ability to write articles on Create and Go rises.  I really enjoy writing these articles and helping people out with the real ways to make money online.

Additional Topics and Resources:

If you enjoyed this article on our Blog Income Report August 2016 or have any questions, please leave us a comment below!

That’s all for now guys. Create something awesome today!

Alex & Lauren
Co-Founders, C&G
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P.S. What are the biggest struggles you are having with your current blog right now? Share them with us in the comments section below, and we will do our best to help!

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